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Objectives / Activities[edit]

Proposed scope of the group

  • Bring together people and projects who digitize all kinds of public domain works (records, photographs, artwork, books), to generate a knowledge base to outline the processes and differents methods of execution, focusing on the practical process, as well as different alternatives for equipment (cheapest, reasonable, expensive, etc.)
  • Create video, text tutorials and OER for different digitization projects.
  • Generate a knowledge base to outline the difficult process of rightsclearing, which is fundamental for safely uploading works to Wikimedia projects.
  • Organize workshops with other Wikimedians and the public in general in which we can explain and teach how different digitization projects work, as well as the various methods for digitizing the works.
  • Support other Wikimedians, chapters and groups in their attempts to create other digitization projects.


For the user group, we will integrate members of two different projects (Public Domain Project and that will work together to achieve the goals of the WUG.

Swiss Foundation Public Domain[edit]

The Swiss Foundation Public Domain is a charitable organization under the supervision of the Federal Department of Home Affairs. The foundation specializes in the conservation and utilization of public domain music and film material. We see our mission as rescuing recordings from past decades, produced on sensitive and easily damaged materials, from deterioration and potential oblivion. Under the working title "Public Domain Project" since 2009, the digitizing project which is supported by WMAT, WMCH, WMDE, Zurich University of the Arts, SOS-ETH (Student organization of the Federal Institute of Technology), (largest independent internet backbone in Switzerland) and other sponsors. Founders were Carl Otto Flisch (Music historian) and Philippe Perreaux (Copyright lawyer). The collection of the Project is 50'000 gramophone records (78 rpm shellac discs), various types of phonograph cylinders, vinyl discs and reel-to-reel audio tapes of radio broadcastings. Until now the project has cleaned, digitized and copyright checked 1'500 of 78 rpm records, 533 of which are already in Wikimedia Commons.[edit] is an initiative of Creative Commons Uruguay and was created with the intention to gather information about Uruguayan authors and their works that have been scattered or unavailable. We are especially interested in authors' rights and public domain status. In Uruguay, authors' works are under this status for 50 years after the authors' death.

We create databases that are available under the CC Attribution - Share Alike License (CC by SA) and offer filters to be searched by the author's names, surnames, discipline, public domain status, sex, date of birth and death. All of this data allows for the study of authorship evolution in Uruguay, and helps to establish cultural public policies.

For those authors that are under public domain we include a link to their digitized works that are available in platforms like Internet Archive or Wikisources. In some cases, taking into account digitizations from universities, other institutions, and sometimes uploaded material digitized by ourselves.

At the moment, we have information of 6133 authors from Uruguay and nearly 559 works linked (that are either digitized by the volunteer group or copied from already existing sources like IA, Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay etc.). The main team behind is integrated by: 1 IT programmer, 3 librarian and 2 community managers and a group of volunteers.


Most recent report[edit]

Contact information[edit]

We have a mailing list intended to answer doubts, communicate new projects, share experiences, learn how to do a proper scanning and much more! Just join us in:

Interested in participating[edit]

The following is a list of users interested in participating in the Wikimedia Digitization User Group, and if they are already involved in a digitizing project.


User Project Country
Zeroth (talk) / DIY Scanners Uruguay
Pepe piton (talk) / DIY Scanners Uruguay
Señoritaleona (talk) / DIY Scanners Uruguay
Pdproject (talk) Public Domain Project Switzerland
Miacara76 (talk) / DIY Scanners Uruguay
ChristophZ (talk) Public Domain Project Switzerland
Adam Cuerden en:User:Adam Cuerden will show a mixture of restorations and personally-scanned items;
I've also given a lecture to the public in Edinburgh which was well-received on Illustrating History on Wikipedia.
en:WP:VERDI will show one project.
I find the biggest obstacle is being one person - so much I could do.
Pineapples100 (talk) WMCL - English Editing/Intern/Moral Support Chile
Thelmadatter (talk) not involved but interested in starting here Mexico
Shyamal (talk) Some digitization, a lot of cleaning, conversion, research, article improvement and archival on the Internet Archive India
Yann long term Wikisource and Commons contributor, I tried to digitize books myself with mixed results France / India
Scanno DIY Book Scanner Project. Building bookscanners, writing & translating into Spanish, helping the technology to meet the users. Argentina
Rachmat04 (talk) managing nonpublic Wikimedia Indonesia digital library Indonesia
Satdeep Gill (talk) I have digitized a small story on Punjabi Wikisource using my iPhone. India
Viswaprabha (talk) Fast image aquisition using smartphones; Scantailor; page and work data tabulation using google spreadsheets India
Mounir Touzri I have digitized some Documents of the archive of Tunisia Tunisia
Jayanta Nath Mentor at KLMLGK India
Alex brollo (talk) I'm interested about OCR and djvu manipulation, and writing a DIY djvu text editor Italy
Vahur Puik We (= Estonian Photographic Heritage Society) are into crowdsourcing metadata enrichment for historic photographs (, but we are also consulting Estonian GLAMs in the issues of digitisation guidelines etc Estonia
Pablísima (talk) / DIY Scanners Uruguay
Bodhisattwa Mandal (talk) Indic scripts OCR and Proofreading India