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Checkuser rights request

I am here to request check-user permissions for wikibooks:User:Derbeth. He has received 26 votes from people in our community since the start of the vote. He is also an active and exemplary vandal fighter, with whom our project has had no problems. We were trying to start a vote to find a second user worthy of check-user permissions, but agreeing on a good second candidate is a slow process (but we can all agree on wikibooks:User:Derbeth). We would like this user to gain the permissions ASAP, because we have had an influx of suspected sockpuppetry, especially on our VfD votes.

Thanks. --Whiteknight 16:48, 15 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Request on hold There is now no checkuser on your wiki. According to policy (CheckUser#Access) there must be at least 2 checkusers or none. --Walter 13:44, 17 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Okay, we were able to get a second user with 25 votes. I would like to re-request checkuser rights for Wikibooks:User:Derbeth, and request checkuser rights for Wikibooks:User:Whiteknight. Both candidates have received 25 votes or more on the local RFA page

Thank you again. --Whiteknight 21:24, 28 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Walter 21:41, 28 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Request temporary check-user status for wiktionary:en:User:Kelly Martin for post-mortem of Wonderfool's attack. - Amgine / talk meta 23:05, 16 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

X mark.svg Not done According to policy, there is no TEMPORARY status of checkuser. Sorry. --Walter 13:36, 17 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request checkuser access on hr.wikipedia for Andrej Šalov and SpeedyGonsales:

Thank you. SpeedyGonsales 22:29, 9 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 05:52, 11 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I am here to request check-user permissions for Hispa, Cinabrium and Barcex:

They have received more than 30 votes and 80% of support. Saludos Axxgreazz (talk?) 15:33, 24 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done, hecho. --Paginazero - Ø 17:54, 24 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Admin requests

Admins for Wikipedias


I request sysop access on am.wikipedia on behalf of am:User:Tatari

I am one of the two sysops at the Amharic wikipedia. We have both agreed that Tatari can join us as a third, as he has been posting and contributing in Amharic. (Note: As senior sysop, I am also requesting below to be made a bureaucrat so this can be handled internally next time around)

Thank you. Codex Sinaiticus 16:06, 1 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 11:57, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request sysop access behalf of zh-yue:User:RockLi on zh-yue.wikipedia:

Thank you. RockLi 12:09, 5 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Hi! Please create a local request page if there isn't one already. Thank you. Jon Harald Søby 12:21, 5 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
I have edit it.--RockLi 12:52, 5 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 12:02, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request sysop access behalf of ast:Usuariu:Esbardu on ast.wikipedia:

Thank you. --Bar 19:20, 6 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 12:04, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request sysop access on arc.wikipedia:

Thank you. 334 15:30, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 12:07, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request sysop access for haw:User:Tauleonui on haw.wikipedia:

He is a native speaker and he wishes to translate the Interface into Hawaiian.

Thank you. --Jose77 03:26, 12 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 12:10, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request sysop access on rm.wikipedia:

In may, I translated a part of the romanish wikipedia. But after a month my temporary adminiship expired. Now I want ask for a unlimited adminiship to continue this work. There is no other admin on But there are some pages to delete. I think it is necessary to have an admin on evrey language. Thank you. Gion-Andri 16:31, 16 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done The normal way would that you ask it first on that wiki. But that wiki is clearly dead. If you are willing to bayby-sit that wiki; great. You are sysop there. Have fun.
Regarding the translation, FYI; If you are requesting sysop-status to make a translation of the wiki see then also at the BetaWiki-project. That is a project for making a neutral MediaWiki translation that then will be default for all wikis. That is more usefull then making only a local translation. Support #wikipedia-BiDi or mediawiki-i18n-l --Walter 14:23, 17 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you. Gion-Andri 18:00, 17 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request sysop access on lij.wikipedia:

thanks a lot --Dario vet 14:39, 29 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done. --Paginazero - Ø 15:30, 29 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Admins for Wikisource

Thai wikisource (th.wikisource)

I request sysop access on th.wikisource:

  • Language Code: th
  • Local Request Link: CenterPoint
  • Local User Page: User:Toutou
  • Reason:I have started a huge project of copying the Tripitaka text (the Buddhist bible) into wikisource. There is more than 1,400 pages at the moment and more to come, all done by volunteers and bots (User:TripitakaBot, User:NakamuraBot) but there is no sysop.

Thank you. --Toutou 22:40, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Hi! Please request this on the wiki, for example in the local village pump or something, so that other members of the community can have a say. Thank you, Jon Harald Søby 12:16, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Hi! Here is the local request page. Thanks. Toutou 06:22, 16 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 07:50, 16 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request Sysop access on Lithuanian Wikisource:

Thank you. -- Redagavimas 22:37, 17 February 2006 (UTC)[reply]


please could you give s:ar:مستخدم:Marquez priviliges of Administrator in ar.wikisource according to vote here [1] .. thanks --Chaos 17:50, 25 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Admins for Wikibooks

Admins for Wiktionary

Admins for Wikiquote

Admins for Wikinews

Admins for Wikispecies

Admins on other Projects

Admins on other Projects

Wikimedia Incubator

I request sysop access at Wikimedia Incubator.

I'm incubator:User:Dbmag9 (and I have accounts here and on various Wikipedias and other projects). I've been elected after a vote at incubator:Incubator:Administrators, but we have no active beurocrat.

Thank you!

Yes check.svg Done--Walter 15:12, 17 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks! Daniel () Check out Wikiscope! 15:53, 17 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Bureaucrat requests

Bureaucrats for Wikipedia

Georgian Wikipedia

I request bureaucrat access on ka.wikipedia for ka:User:Malafaya:

I'm currently one of five administrators of the Georgian Wikipedia. We have no bureaucrats so far. Thanks, Malafaya 13:30, 6 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

P.S.: maybe some comments are not fully understandable (they're in Georgian :)) but all of them fully and unanimously support my proposition. Malafaya 00:37, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 10:18, 12 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
West Flemish Wikipedia

I request bureaucrat access on vls.wikipedia for vls:User:D-rex:

On the page "sysop" is mentioned but bureaucrat status would be best since there is currently, no real active bureaucrat (only a few sysops), this is important to appoint sysops at a later time. Thanks in advance - Servien 09:43, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 10:22, 12 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Cantonese Wikipedia

I request bureaucrat access on zh-yue.wikipedia for zh-yue:User:Shinjiman:

Since there's currently no bureaucrats in the Cantonese Wikipedia, and this request have been posted more than seven days. I am one of the five sysops (two of them are currently inactive), and we can promote some users which are listed in zh-yue:Wikipedia:申請做管理員 as a sysop. Thank you and regards. Shinjiman 06:24, 12 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 08:05, 16 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Bureaucrats for Wikisource

Bureaucrats for Wikibooks

Tamil wikibooks

I, user ravidreams at tamil wikibooks, would like to self-nominate myself for the bureaucrat access in tamil wikibooks site. The current bureaucrat srihari is inactive atleast for the last three months and we need one more bureaucrat to take care of things there. In this same username, I am a sysop at tamil wikipedia and a bureaucrat at tamil wiktionary and well introduced to the wikimedia projects and their goals, execution. The local poll page is open since 22 Juluy 2006, and there is community support for me. The local poll page is here. Thanks--Ravidreams 10:27, 2 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 11:13, 2 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
English Wikibooks

I, user Whiteknight, at english wikibooks would like to request bureaucrat permissions. There has already been a vote at Requests for adminship, where I have gotten unanimous support, and that support has remained, unchallenged, for over two weeks. Our only other bureaucrat, according to a message on his userpage, is away until August 15th.

Thank you. --Whiteknight 20:25, 2 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I'm wondering if there is any particular reason why I have not been given a yes or no decision on this matter in nearly a week. I have provided all the required information. --Whiteknight 14:02, 7 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
No particular reason, as far as I can see... Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 07:12, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Bureaucrats for Wiktionary

Bureaucrats for Wikiquote

Ukrainian Wikiquote

I request bureaucrat access on uk.wikiquote:

Thank you. Yakudza 08:13, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done - the actual nick is written in Latin alphabet, uk:q:Користувач:Pavlo Shevelo. --Paginazero - Ø 08:51, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Bureaucrats for Wikinews

Bureaucrats for Wikispecies

Removal of access

desysoping at Swedish Wikpedia

I request removal of sysop access on sv.wikipedia for 11 users (after midnight UTC):

The following 11 users has not been reelected and should lose their administrator status by the end of July:

sv:User:Den fjättrade ankan (should also lose bureaucrat status), sv:User:Ean, sv:User:Grus, sv:User:Ingman, sv:User:Johan Dahlin, sv:User:Jono, sv:User:Järnvägsjonas, sv:User:Kjell André, sv:User:Softssa, sv:User:Solkoll, sv:User:Tåggas

References (in Swedish):

Thank you. Boivie 21:23, 31 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 15:35, 1 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Portuguese Wikipedia

According to this election, 2 sysop were granted bureaucrat status:

They substitute the folowing:

Please revoke the bureaucrat status of the last two.

Thanks. Lijealso 23:19, 1 August 2006 (UTC), Bureaucrat at portuguese wikipedia.[reply]

  • This request is ok according of current bureaucrat police from Portuguese Wikipedia (sorry for my english). 555 21:22, 2 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Desysop User:Dangherous on English Wiktionary

As per locla custom, User:Dangherous imitated Wonderfool by deleting Main Page rather than properly requesting de-sysoping (with the comment "going out with a bang.") It is not known at this time, if the account was compromised, or if it is a genuine request. --Connel MacKenzie 20:31, 6 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Pretty urgent. Vildricianus 21:43, 7 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Already done by a dev. Vildricianus 08:06, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Desysop User:Odder on pl wiki

Could anybody please desysop me (pl:user:odder) on pl wiki ? Thanks in advance ! Odder 18:21, 7 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 18:24, 7 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
noooooooo. Too fast, too fast. He was very good admin, nor reason to desysop! --WarX 18:26, 7 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Odder queried me in chat yesterday night and asked for desysopping even before of leaving a request here. I asked him to kindly leave his request here and a confirmation on his talk page on before proceeding. Being a request coming from the user himself, I saw no obstacles, though I never like removing anyone's sysop rights. --Paginazero - Ø 06:49, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Desysop User:Sebjarod

Could a steward desysop me on, please ? Sebjarod 17:28, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

May I suggest the stewards to wait and see if Sebjarod could not remove his request? I hope that he was only too tired to ask for desysoping (as others were in the past...) and I want to say that he has always made a good job during his adminship. Also in the last hours (when the final problem came, after restoring a page that he and three other sysops deleted five times in five hours). Hégésippe | ±Θ± 17:50, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Don't worry. Is it not you that said me once we can do great job watching without adminship ? Sebjarod 17:54, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Done. --Daniel Mayer 17:45, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you. Sebjarod 17:54, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Desysop request

Please remove my sysop rights on enwiki per my talkpage. I am en:user:crzrussian. 12:09, 9 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Done User:Fantasy 12:43, 9 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

desysopping at italian Wikinews

Our community decided to desysop for Thom. Here consensus. Tooby 18:20, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 18:28, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

desysoping at Serbian Wikpedia

User:Славен Косановић (Slaven Kosanović in Latin), an administrator and bureaucrat has been forced to block himself for abusing admin powers (discussed here). He has done so, and blocked himself for 3 months (link) as a preliminary measure to the removal of Admin powers; under strict rules not to unblock himself.

After 7 hours, he has indeed unblocked himself (link), and stated that he changed his mind (link). I request for his admin powers to be removed. Thank you. --WIKI SERBIA 01:15, 6 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I can not grant this request. You do not indicate who you are. I can not find a user "WikiSerbia" on sr-wiki. I can not read anthing there. 1) indicate who you are and linkt to your userpage 2) write on a suitable page on the also in English that you request de-sysoping of this user. Make a saperation between sysops, bureacratas and users and ask some of them to support this. When I know who is requesting it and that it gets support by serious people of your wiki then I can desysop that user.--Walter 09:53, 6 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
First of all, I have given the neccessary links for the reasons on why this user needs to be desysoped. He had to block himself for 3 months (in the block reason, he himself has listed: "троловање пројекта и позивање на лични рат" (translation: "trolling of the project, and calling for a personal war")). We did not have a vote, because he didn't want one, and agreed to block himself for 3 months (but was basically forced, I have also provided a link), under the strict rules not to unblock himself. He has unblocked himself, I have provided links. Now, the question is whether you want us to go through a lengthy process of removing his powers through voting, or just remove his powers, as has been agreed. Furthermore, I do not see the reason for listing my identity, I am just the messenger, the links are here to demonstrate what we are requesting. If you want confirmation from other administrators, I will request for them to do that here, thank you. :) --WIKI SERBIA 17:42, 6 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
We have been waiting for a while, if there is noone to do what is requested, I propose we close this case. --WIKI SERBIA 20:01, 8 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
One question. How many confirmation one need to act in such cases? Three, five ten? Maybe we should provide more confirmation. Or verified translation? If so, please inform us about that. --Manojlo 20:40, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Yes check.svg Done I have enough of this trying to explain this to you. The status of sr:Корисник:Славен Косановић is changed to user. If your request was invalid then you have many bureacrats who can restore his user rights. --Walter 21:46, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
A trusted Serbian bureaucrat (Filip Maljkovic) told me that this request was invalid. I restored bureaucrat/sysop status of sr:Корисник:Славен Косановић. Ausir 22:35, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I am Filip Maljkovic and I'd like to say something on this matter: Boris was recently desysopped and this can be seen as his vendetta: He's just made an account Slaven Kosanović but there existed a genuine account Slaven Kosanovic (notice the ASCII c) which is way older. WikiSerbia is, of course, Boris which can be easily proven with the checkuser tool. Moreover, Boris gathered a couple of his confidants to "confirm" the allegations. Whereas these allgations might be true (I still haven't read the whole discussion), the desysopping procedure should have started at sr: wikipedia, if at all, and not here. Thank you --Filip (§) 23:07, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

There are at least two issues here. Original, concerning Slaven Kosanovic who has blocked himself (after a fierce discussion in Serbian wiki concerning his past behaviour) and then unblocked himself after few hours. There is three confirmation of that fact (not counting SerbianWiki who reported about that issue), and there is no any doubt that that has happened. It is beyond any dispute and that could confirm Dungodung and every user of Serbian Wiki. That's why Slaven was desysoped by Walter. Boris action (pretending to be Slaven) is completely another issue, not endorsed by other (myself, Verlor, FEAR) who confirmed Slaven history of blocking and unblocking himself. I suggest that those issues should be splited. --Manojlo 19:42, 11 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
There was no discussion - let alone agreement of either kind - on srwiki about Slaven's actions. What I as an admin/checkuser on srwiki can confirm is 1) that the whole charade was preceded by desysoping of the user posing here as "Wiki Serbia" and a long, heated and devastating debate that followed, 2) that Slaven was most certainly not forced to block himself, 3) that he as a consequence was not obliged not to unblock himself nor to do or not do anything else, 4) that srwiki has no established penalties for admins who unblock themselves, and (what is perhaps most obvious of all) 5) that this Meta request was made in bad faith. I suggest that this discussion, if deemed needed by some of our editors, be first taken to our local village pump. Thank you. --Dzordzm 23:21, 11 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
I have confirmed that sr:Корисник:Бормалагурски, User:WikiSerbia and User:Slaven Kosanović have indeed edited from the same IP. Both meta accounts have been blocked. Ausir 23:37, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Desyroping in the english wiki

I'm going to go inactive because of school promices, starting on Monday, so can you desyrop my account in the english wikipedia that day. I still want syrop status for weekend though. I'm planning to regain syrop status when I deal with school issues probaly next year. My username in the english wikipedia is Jaranda. Thanks JAranda | watz sup 23:11, 10 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

On second thoughts, do it as soon as possible. I confirmed it in my talk page, ignore the monday part [2]. Thanks JAranda | watz sup 06:57, 11 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 21:19, 11 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Please remove my (Sceptre) sysop status as a preventive measure, per [3]. Sceptre 02:52, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Already done. // [admin] Pathoschild (talk/map) 02:54, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
I still have the sysop bit o_O 16:49, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Yes check.svg Done Jon Harald Søby 19:35, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Please remove my sysop status as well (Banes), since I am no longer interested in having the admin buttons. Here is the confirmation 1 . Many thanks :) -- Banes 11:35, 15 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 10:39, 18 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Some time ago, a bot in Serbian wikipedia (which was actually a man-handled account - sr:User:Сликобрисач) was given the sysop status so that he could delete unneeded images manually without clogging recent changes. When the project of deleting the images was finished, the guy who manually operated the bot (sr:User:Јованвб), a bureaucrat of ours, blocked the bot, because it became useless. Now, since the bot isn't doing anything anymore, we'd like to revoke its admin status (the guy unblocked the bot so that he could confirm that this is a valid request). Thanks (Jovanvb will confim shortly) --Filip (§) 23:00, 15 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes, what dungodung said is true. --Jovanvb 23:03, 15 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Yes check.svg Done Angela 23:19, 15 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Please remove my (cs:User:Beren) sysop and checkuser status (there are currently three checkusers on cswiki, so this is possible). I am going to very long wikibreak for personal reasons. Confirmation: [4]. Thanks. --Beren 22:00, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 07:58, 16 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


I request the removal of my temporary sysop access of ku.wikipedia. Liesel 07:23, 19 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Could you please remove the adminship of Thogo#ku.wikipedia and me, Pill#ku.wikipedia, too (the multiple vandalism, which was the reason for our temporary adminship there has stopped and so it is no more necessary [for further information see our userpages there]). Thanks in advance, Pill δ 15:16, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 15:22, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Please remove sysop status for v:User:Mirwin as requested by himself and explained here. Note: Wikiversity uses the term custodian instead of admin. Sebmol 14:57, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done --Paginazero - Ø 15:15, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks. Cormaggio @ 15:32, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Hello, I would like my "bibliotecario" (librarian) status (in es.wikipedia, librarian is the term for sysop/bureaucrat) to be removed as es:Usuario:Maldoror. The main reason is that I need time for personal projects --you know, get a life ;)--. You can check my request in es:Usuario Discusión:Maldoror. Thank you in advance, Maldoror 17:55, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Yes check.svg Done, hecho. --Paginazero - Ø 19:31, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


I request the removal of my sysop access to tr.wikipedia. Thanks Eşref 08:26, 22 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Please, confirm your request on your talk page on as well. Thank you. --Paginazero - Ø 14:12, 22 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
I did. Thanks again. 14:32, 23 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Done. User:Fantasy 15:46, 23 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


I would like my sysop access to be removed on the English wikipedia. I am doing this because I have no confidence in the Arbitration committee to decide anything, and therefore wish to deny them the chance of saying that they decided to do this. See [5]. Dbiv 10:09, 20 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Done by Danny


Done. Fantasy 10:14, 30 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Temporary permissions for emergency or technical purposes


Taxman temporarily at simple due to continued vandalism spree. Angela 03:17, 31 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Myself temporarily at dewikiversity to remove the outdated sitenotice which claimed the project was not official. Angela 23:51, 14 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Made myself administrator & checkuser to delete/revert a lot og page move vandalism, and block the responsible user(s). Yann also helped. Jon Harald Søby 11:51, 12 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Me @ many Wiktionaries

Did a cleanup of inactive Wiktionaries, mostly deleting "Current events" and "Index.php" (which were used for spam nearly everywhere), but also removing old fundraiser sitenotices and such. Jon Harald Søby 14:01, 3 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Wikipedia Incubator & Meta

I request temporary admin rights on the Wikipedia Incubator and the Wikimedia Meta-wiki because of moving the test-wp pages to the Incubator for several reasons:

  • the test-wp pages on Meta have already been moved, but new ones are coming here - instead of Incubator. This needs to be solved quickly (eg. move the pages and delete them from Meta) because of growing mess.
  • on Incubator, there has been a new proposal to change the name formats of the testwikis, and several testwikis have already moved; there's a need to unify the name formats and delete the useless redirects
  • there are some pages in the deleteme category in the Incubator
  • the only current admin of Incubator is Brion, who stated he doesn't have interest in the Incubator issues.

I'm already an admin on the Czech Wikipedia. Thanks in advance. — Timichal • 20:55, 11. Jun 2006

Yes check.svg Done, granted till, say, July 12th. Jon Harald Søby 14:30, 12 June 2006 (UTC)[reply]

I request temporary sysop access to Incubator until an active sysop base can be developed. Timichal (the only active sysop) is on temporary leave through the middle of July. I would complete appropriate admin tasks while Timichal is on leave. Requested sysop time span: 1 month. Thanks! I'm an active use on the English Wikipedia. --Randy Johnston () 06:53, 30 June 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Removal date: 30 July 2006

Latin Wikibooks

I request sysop access on la.wikibooks:

I have not made many edits on the Wikibooks, however please look more at my edits on en:User:Dbmag9 and la:Usor:Dbmag9. To be honest the Latin Wikibooks is in a shambles, and I want to be able to fix it all up. This Administrator request is mainly because almost none of the MediaWiki messages are translated, and this needs urgent doing. Also, there are currently no users with any status on the project.

Thank you very much. -b:la:Usor:Dbmag9

Usually for localization work a temporary adminship is granted. How about two months for customizing the interface?
Should in the meantime a regular votation take place, the adminship can be made permanent. --Paginazero 08:25, 29 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you! That is exactly what I need. Should I list it seperately below, or leave the request here? -b:la:Usor:Dbmag9

No need for a new request. Yes check.svg Done. Temporary sysophood until July 31st. Bye. --Paginazero 06:58, 30 May 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Removal date: 31 July 2006

Zulu Wikipedia

I request temporary sysop access on zu.wikipedia:

  • Language Code: zu
  • Local Request Link: none
  • Local User Page: zu:User:Jose77

I intend to translate the Zulu interface from English to Zulu.

I have managed to obtain a list of zulu words here (with the help of a native speaker).

Thankyou very much. --Jose77 03:51, 26 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Tempory sysop status granted. Expires on 2006-10-26. Please also look at the BetaWiki-project. That is for making a neutral MediaWiki translation that then will be default for all wikis. Making the default Zulu translation is more usefull then only local on the zu.wikipedia Support irc:// or --Walter 12:29, 26 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Removed status on request of user --Walter 14:35, 4 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Turkish Wikipedia

I request temporary sysop access on tr.wikipedia:

  • Language Code: tr
  • Local Request Link: none
  • Local User Page: User:Cool Cat

There is ongoing vandalism and all admins seem to be away. I'd like to have admin access for a day (more like half a day until admins show up) to deal with a few persistant vandals.

--Cool CatTalk|@ 14:30, 13 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Outdated request. It can be archived. --Dbl2010 15:48, 23 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Username change