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Steward Steward waşten

Stewards are users with the ability to attend to requests on all wikis, such as requests for adminship, etc. Use these pages to request assistance from stewards. Ensure that you follow the respective procedures properly on every page for maximum efficiency.

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Qan de kahyayan:

Pela Steward waşten

Cross-wiki waşten

Link Şınasnayış
Malumatê çımsernayoği Requests for CheckUser information on wikis without local CheckUsers.
Global Requests for global IP blocks or unblocks and account locks.
Global Xızmetkati Requests for global rollback, global sysops, global IP block exemption or other global rights such as edit interface.
Xizmetkari Requests for administrator, bureaucrat, CheckUser and oversight access.
Statuy Botan Waştena statuya botiye ke bê buroqrat wiki ya.
namey karberi vırnayıs Requests for changing username on Wikimedia wikis.
Requests for assistance resolving unified login conflicts.
Çımçarneyış Requests for oversight on wikis without active oversighters.
Teewdaye Requests for sysop actions to be performed on wikis without active administrators. Such requests include speedy deletions, deletions after discussions, edits on protected pages, etc.
Global sysop requests Reports of vandalism on wikis with no or few administrators, or cross-wiki vandalism, and cases of long-term abuse.

Meta waştışi

These requests are usually handled by Meta-Wiki's local administrators, bureaucrats and CheckUsers.

Link Şınasnayış
Malumatê çımsernayoği Meta de malumata waştışê çımsernayoği
Xizmetkari Requests for administrator, bureaucrat, bot, central notice administrator, translation administrator, CheckUser and oversighter access on Meta.
Qandê waştışê sysopan u buroqratan lokal pheşti Requests for help from Meta-Wiki administrators or bureaucrats. This includes requests for placing central notices, access to mass message, edits on interface pages, etc.