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Turkish wikipedia copies from without giving source info


I wish all the people a good day.

I did open an article about Guba Massacre on on November 2011 as you can see here. Today a user from Turkish wikipedia did copy the article from and pasted to Turkish wikipedia as you can see here.

We use Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license on and they know this and they have to show the source the copy the article. Unfortunately they did not do this. Maybe because they restricted the word on whole Turkish wikipedia and they can not write any link from as source.

Now when your search the articles name Guba katliamı on Google people see the copied article of Turkish wikipedia as the first and our original article on the fifth page.

Now forget everything but this is really unfair. They copy form us, they show no source info, they restrict our name to be use on Turkish wikipedia and they are the first choice on google search of the article.

Please someone tell them something about the licences and copyright issues and tell them they have to show source when they copy paste from some other place.

Thank you very much. 12:28, 12 January 2012 (UTC)

yepp, clear copyvio, needs to be deleted. Seb az86556 13:13, 12 January 2012 (UTC)
That article is re-written from different sources. Ansiklopedika is an open source encyclopedia in Turkish which also uses Wiki. The majority of its content is copied from Turkish Wikipedia (Vikipedi) and other Wiki projects. Most of its users are ex-Vikipedi users who were not happy with the NPOV policy of Wikipedia. Its users copy articles from Vikipedi, add or remove the controversial words or parts according to Ansiklopedika's POV, then paste the articles as their own, such as these: Vikipedi article-Ansiklopedika article. Very few of its 18.000 articles show Vikipedi as the source of the article. is blacklisted in Turkish Wikipedia due to spamming. Its users were adding the word Ansiklopedika to as many articles as possible. They also regularly start discussions which could be classed as troll activity on various discussion pages on Vikipedi to promote the word Ansiklopedika to increase their search engine hits and attract users with similar political and religious views from Vikipedi. In addition, they regularly start discussions on various internet sites such as Yahoo Answers comparing Ansiklopedika to Wikipedia for the aims mentioned before.[1] Thank you.--Abuk SABUK 20:16, 23 January 2012 (UTC) (from Turkish Wikipedia)
I would like to ask for citation especially for the spamming issue. Citation is a very important issue on wiki projects. It is the thin line between truth and calumniation. You maybe a new user on wiki projects but better learn this rule as soon as possible. Thank You. 13:53, 25 January 2012 (UTC)