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The following discussion is closed: This election is closed and these pages are an archive of that event.

Tar Lócesilion[edit]

This candidate provided a proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.
Please note that the full page with votes can be found at Stewards/Elections 2014/Votes/Tar Lócesilion.
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  • Languages: pl-N, en-3, fr-2 and la-2
  • Personal info:
    Wiki: I've been an active editor since 2010. On plwiki (my home wiki), I have sysop permissions and am a current (re-elected) member of the local Arbitration Committee. I'm an active member of the local chapter and its Wikigrants Committee (btw, I'm a sysop at pl.wikimedia, too). I have already been familiar with small wikis (for ex. pl.voy - where I have my 3rd mop). My sysop actions depend on the wiki in question. On plwiki, where I am the most active and try to be exceptionally friendly, I rather don't block and prefer gnome-sysop jobs like deleting, merging, responding to sysop requests on an appropriate page, sometimes watching RC and submitting OS requests. On pl.wikimedia, I check RC out regularly. If it comes to cross-wiki vandalisms & global blocks, many of you may remember Wikinger, pl-N user, and his numerous harmful actions. In his case, I was advising Wpedzich whether to block over 450000 IP adresses or not and how to explain the situation to Polish media, our community and users who may suffer from collateral damage. I can be easily reached on 2 IRC channels: #wikipedia-plconnect and #wikimedia-plconnect. If I am elected, I'll be certainly available on #wikimedia-stewardsconnect. Languages: So far, I have more to do with static language activities, than active talking with people, creating own statements, etc. If I've made a mistake here, I'm really sorry and I ensure you that my understanding of texts in foreign languages is definitely better :) Off-wiki: I live in Poland, which is CE(S)T timezone. I study law (finishing: 4th year out of 5) and I major in intellectual property law. More info about me - on my userpage.

Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2014/Questions#Tar Lócesilion

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