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This candidate signed the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information.
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  • Personal info: (English)
    Hi, I'm There'sNoTime, an English Wikipedia admin, CheckUser and Oversighter. My cross-wiki contributions are a lot less than many other stewards, though I believe that where I lack this specific experience I make up in technical knowledge, communicative skills and my drive to help identify, resolve and prevent harassment and abuse. If elected, I will of course work closely with other stewards to fill in the gaps in my experience, and I am keen to learn.

    I was granted both the CheckUser and Oversight permission on the English Wikipedia, so am familiar with the use of both tools. Through my real-world work in healthcare IT, I am appreciative of the strict importance of data privacy, and would apply skills I've learnt there in this role. I've also been a member of OTRS and ACC, where I have gained experience working with both new and experienced editors who need assistance.

    Ultimately, I'm putting myself forward for consideration in a bid to help counter cross-wiki harassment and abuse, which is a significant problem the Wikimedia projects face, as well as broadening the areas in which I can assist editors. I hope you can put your trust in me.
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