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  • Languages: en-N, es-3
  • Personal info: (English)
    Hello! I'm MusikAnimal. I've been an active contributor for about six years. My home wiki is the English Wikipedia, where I serve as an administrator and CheckUser. I also hold sysop rights here on Meta, and global abusefilter-helper and interface editing rights. My expertise is counter-vandalism, particularly high-profile vandalism and fighting long-term abuse. Over the past year especially, a lot of this abuse has involved multiple wikis, so I am in a position now where I think stewardship would be helpful. In addition, I devote considerable time to developing tools, bots and gadgets, and I suspect stewardship will bring such contributions once I see ways to improve various workflows.

    I admittedly am not currently very active at stewardship venues here on Meta, but I do hope to help out at SRG which often seems backlogged. As it is I tend to be very busy fighting vandalism through my work with AbuseFilter and patrolling recent changes, and I suspect this by itself will keep me busy as a steward. I am readily available on IRC and will be able to tend to urgent requests there.

    I am a native English speaker, with an aspiring fluency in Spanish. I do hope to contribute more to Spanish projects as my skills improve.

    Full disclosure: I work for the WMF as a software engineer. I'd like to offer assurance that there is no detrimental crossover between this role and my potential stewardship. As explained in a few questions, should I find myself in a position where there could be a conflict of interest, I would simply recuse myself. However, I doubt this will be commonplace as my focus has always been counter-vandalism where presumably little would be put into question. It is my passion for the mission that led to my employment, and I hope this decision won't inhibit the greater passion I have as a volunteer.

    Thank you for your consideration, MusikAnimal talk 20:03, 15 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]
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