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This candidate signed the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information.
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  • Languages: it, en-3, ja-2
  • Personal info: (English)
    Hello. I'm Sakretsu, a wikipedian since a decade now. I'm mainly active on, where I've been asked to serve as a sysop and an interface-admin. Among other things, I'm interested in every technical aspect of MediaWiki (templates, modules, etc.), and I happened to assist developers in testing experimental phases of the software, such as the switch from Tidy to RemexHTML or the deployment of new features like partial blocks. Lately, I've been focused on the development of simple gadgets to facilitate counter-vandalism on I'm glad that one of them turned out to be useful on Wikidata as well :-) You can also find me on Phabricator, TranslateWiki, other Italian and non-Italian Wikimedia projects, and IRC.

    As some of you may remember, in December 2018 I requested global rename permissions aiming to raise attention on renames and their impact on local projects. Over the past year, we managed to address some of the issues together, clarify the rename policy, and achieve better coordination. Personally, I processed requests whenever I felt confident enough both to avoid causing any kind of disruption in local projects' activities and to establish a decent level of communication in the language of each requester. I prioritise quality over quantity, so if you notice a wrong rename of mine, please let me know. As volunteers, we already accomplish something out of the ordinary, but I still believe that we could do better in order to improve our global ecosystem in mutual respect of each other's needs and community consensus.

    As a steward, I would keep the same mindset. To be honest, I'm always uncomfortable getting more responsibilities, let alone one like this. Moreover, I have no interest in collecting fancy flags that I would never use. The only reason I convinced myself to submit my candidacy this late lies in the encouragement of a couple of esteemed users. I'm very grateful for their consideration. Afterall, trusting the users who had believed in me on my home wiki has also been a good choice. I may not have as much cross-wiki experience as other users do, but I do understand, at least, the frustration of having to deal with cross-wiki harassment and abuse. If I had been granted the ability to perform global actions, I could be helpful by contributing to and keeping an eye on global abuse filters, blocking LTAs and IP address ranges, hiding Italian and Japanese gross or highly inappropriate usernames as the isechika socks that I've occasionally reported, and by listening to the concerns and suggestions of local communities about the global environment. Possibly I could do more, although I cannot guarantee anything until I realize how time-consuming these activities can be.

    As I'm conscious of privacy concerns, the issue of language barriers, and community dynamics and consensus, if I have your trust, I promise I will do my best so that the worst that could happen would be me being removed for inactivity next year :-) Regardless, let's hope for a great year to come. Thank you for reading and a special thanks goes to those who truly care about Wikimedia sites and protect them as best they can.
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