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The 2021 steward elections are finished. No further votes will be accepted.

Lofty abyss[edit]

This candidate signed the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information.
Please note that the full page with votes can be found at Stewards/Elections 2021/Votes/Lofty abyss.
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  • Languages: en-4, mt, it-2 (at a very basic level I can also understand most Romance languages)
  • Personal info: (English)
    I was a steward in the past, but I made some mistakes, for which I apologize. I am, though, hoping to ask for another chance at continuing; for the last two years since not having the tools I have kept crosswiki monitoring, with a bit of assistance from global rollback, but it gets frustrating when LTAs or casual wiki-hopping vandals keep disrupting when no one who could stop them is around, and just rolling their edits back only works temporarily. I primarily dealt with spambots when I could lock them, and for the past two years I still reported them. I also handled the aforementioned long-term disruptors, but currently I block them locally where I could, before informing others (along with the usual sysop vandalism etc. blocks/deletions, whereas on small wikis it's just reversions/taggings).

    I've generally been a gnome throughout the fifteen years I've been registered, fixing markup and typos along with the administrative tasks mentioned above, and I also like keeping an eye on otrs' info-en queue, while responding to oversight/suppression requests too. I've always welcomed feedback on any of my actions, and while two years ago there seemed to be some miscommunication, I'd still like to ask anyone for feedback at any time of the year, as one can only improve and ameliorate through such assessments.

    If given another chance I will strive to avoid the mistakes committed in the past, and would hope that they weren't the kind that would preclude the possibility of another chance. I mostly dealt with the spambot problem (by also checkusering to find bot farms), and would be interested to continue doing so, along with SRP/SRG etc. I think I can be more effective with the tools than I am currently. Please go through my logs (1, 2, 5000 entries each) if desired, but I hope that, even if there are mistakes among them, I can become better in the future.

    Thanks. ~Lofty abyss 23:52, 31 January 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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