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Jeff0676 (Optional Real Name)[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation did not receive this user's proof of identity prior to February 07, 2011, as mandated by the election prerequisites. This candidate is therefore disqualified.

Please note that the full page with votes can be found at Stewards/elections 2011/votes/Jeff0676.

The following user neither holds nor has held administrator rights on any Wikimedia Foundation project for at least 3 months. In accordance with the election prerequisites, this candidate is disqualified. Shizhao 07:52, 21 January 2011 (UTC)

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Questions: See Stewards/elections 2011/Questions#Jeff0676

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                            Title. Dream Come True. Composed by, Jefferson M. Macalindong.                                                                                                          1st Teach me,guide me this the one I need.Love and peace, this the key our dreams come true.Teach me guide me this is the one I need. Free-country, Freedom this is the key our dream come true. I know is hard to believe the one I said. But I know our dreams come true.                                                                                                                 Chorus. Im so happy Im so very happy this is the one my feelings everyday.Help together and love each other this is the key our dreams come true.                                                                                                                 Repaet 1st and 2nd stanza. Chorus repeat 3 times.                                                                                                   Compose by Mr. Jefferson M.macalindong                                                                                             Address, Rm, 103 Kasugaso apt.5-8-8 Hatanodai Shinagawa-ku Tokyo Japan.142-0064                                                                                                       Nationality,Pilipino