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This is the portal to the Wikimedia Foundation's collaborative planning process.

Potential goals[edit]

  • Decentralize the planning process.


2015 Nov 13, Platypus team "set-up"[edit]

Minutes. Video. Agenda:

  1. Check in; review agenda
  2. What is a strategy? What is the end-point of all of this?
  3. Overview of the proposed strategy process
    1. Discussion as needed
  4. Quick discussion about how we should communicate (meetings and asynchronous)?
  5. Identify small teams that will be needed. Examples:
    1. Meta-process (small steering committee to handle platypus team logistics)
    2. Wiki team to get the initial strategy conversation started on-wiki (Strategy wiki?)
    3. ?? Community outreach and engagement
    4. ...etc...
  6. Homework: consider who to invite to participate and join in thinking about possibilities

Resolutions: [1]

  1. We will use the meta wiki to host the strategy process
  2. We will adopt the Grants friendly spaces policy for this work


  1. Private group posting at!topic/platypusteam/klGKq0VPtw8 -- Note that we did not take an official vote, but there were many voices in favor of and none objecting to these resolutions.