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This page is a translated version of the page Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/People/Strategy coordinators and the translation is 100% complete.

The strategy coordinators are part-time, remote contractors with an initial contract of approximately three months. They will carry invitations out to communities, run targeted discussions on assigned subjects, monitor discussions on large questions, summarize both English and non-English feedback in English on Metawiki, report on major themes that emerge, and serve as coordinators for workgroups. Some coordinators will focus on specific language communities that they are familiar with.


Abbad (WMF)

During a trip to Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan.

I am a writer, blogger and translator. Voluntary work gives me a great deal of pleasure, whenever I have free time, I will try to invest it somewhere where I believe it is going to be useful. I started editing Wikipedia in 2009, since then, I have written over a thousand articles in Arabic (also a single one in English). I have been an admin on Arabic Wikipedia for nearly three years, before giving up my resignation. I have also contributed to organizing plenty of Wiki-related events, including Wikipedia Education Program, Wiki Loves Monuments, and WikiArabia 2016 (a regional conference). I am currently a member of Wikimedia Levant, a community advocate for Khan Academy, and a fresh student of English Literature.

  • Primary focus: Arabic Wikipedia.
  • Languages spoken: Arabic, English and a little German.

Base (WMF)

In my volunteer role I am Ukrainian Wikipedia contributor since 2011. I have experience working in most of the sister projects. Major part of my activity revolves around translating interface and Meta pages to Ukrainian, I am also a bot master. I am a Meta-Wiki administrator since late 2015.

  • Primary focus: Meta-Wiki
  • Languages spoken: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Belarusian (understand only)

Chicocvenancio (WMF)

no longer with long hair, but this picture is great.

As a volunteer, User:Chicocvenancio, I've participated in Portuguese Wikipedia for a a few years now. My work in articles is usually small error fixes and content addition, but sometimes I undertake a article creation from scratch or a full translation. Sysop work is also something I enjoy doing, specially the harder and less tended to tasks of editing interface and gadget pages and dealing with incivility incidents. I also work a bit with scripts and have an inactive bot account over there.

  • Primary focus: Portuguese Wikipedia
  • Languages spoken: Portuguese and English fluently, I can read and write French and Spanish in a intermediate level.

Gereon Kalkuhl (WMF)

As User:Gereon K. I am an active Wikipedian for more than 10 years now, with more than 100,000 edits. I wrote articles for the German, Dutch, Swedish and English language Wikipedias. At de.wikipedia I am an administrator and one of the press contacts. All I learned on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects I am happy to share. Every day somebody helps you with your edits. I love to give something back and help other editors.

  • Primary focus: I try to help communities to speak with their own voices about what they want to do in the coming years, their ideas and needs, insights, and dreams.
  • Languages spoken: My first language is German, I have a professional knowledge of English and can get along in Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Serbocroat.

Josve05a (WMF)

Jonatan in Stockholm, March 2017.

My name is Jonatan, but most of you know me as Josve05a. I've been a part of the Wikimedia movement for over seven years, and I've seen it grow in both popularity and in content.

Currently I am an administrator on Wikimedia Commons as well as an OTRS agent. I joined this movement by anonymously editing an article on Swedish Wikipedia. That edit was immediately reverted, but I still wanted to help contribute – and that is what I've been doing for the last seven years.

  • Primary focus: Swedish-speaking community
  • Languages spoken: Swedish and English

Lionster (WMF)

My name is ran, i'm 29 years old from tel-aviv, israel. I am active for several years in the Hebrew Wikipedia, among other things as a sysop, but this is my first involvement with the WMF, and I hope I can contribute to the ongoing strategic process, for the benefit of us all.

  • Primary focus: Hebrew Community
  • Languages spoken: Hebrew, English

Marco (WMF)

Marco in the Strategy talks at Iberoconf 2017.

I'm a Wikimedian since 2006, mainly active in the Spanish Wikipedia, where I was appointed as administrator in 2016. I have also done a fair amount of contributions on Commons, Wikidata and other projects. I’m founding member of Wikimedia Chile, where I have served as Board Member (2012-2017) and President (2015-2017).

  • Primary focus: Spanish-speaking community
  • Languages spoken: Spanish, English

NahidSultan (WMF)

Hi, My name is Nahid Sultan but you can call me Nahid. I hail from Bangladesh. I've been an active Wikimedian for almost Five years now. In my volunteers capacity, I support the corpus of Wikimedia projects as a steward and I'm working actively for Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter where I currently serve as a Secretary of it's board. My volunteer username is NahidSultan.

  • Primary focus: Bengali Community
  • Languages spoken: Bengali and English

Niccolò Caranti (WMF)

Not a real plane

I am a wikipedian since 2006 as Jaqen, an admin on Italian Wikipedia since 2007 and on Commons since 2013. I love taking photos and organizing events.

  • Primary focus:
  • Languages spoken: it-N, en-3

Polimerek (WMF)

Just smiling

Tomasz Ganicz, a Wikipedian involved in editing Polish Wikipedia, Wikibooks  and Commons. My story with Wikimedia projects begun one month after launching Polish edition of Wikipedia (at 2001), as a 7th registered user. Member of WMF Ombudsman Commission, Polish OTRS team and president of Wikimedia Polska. Outside wiki-world I am a professor of organic and polymer chemistry at Technical Military University in Warsaw, Poland.

  • Primary focus:Polish speaking community
  • Languages spoken: Polish, English, a bit of Russian

Robin (WMF)

Robin working hard for the Wikimedia movement

My name is Robin, I live in Flanders (Dutch-speaking Belgium) near Brussels, and I study at Ghent University. I started editing the Dutch Wikipedia in 2006, and since then I have been active in many aspects throughout the Wikimedia movement, under the nickname SPQRobin. I am or have been a Wikipedia editor, a Wikidata contributor, a Language Committee member, a MediaWiki developer, a global sysop/steward and a Wikimedia Belgium board member.

  • Primary focus: Dutch-speaking community
  • Languages spoken: Dutch (native), English (fluent), French (intermediate), German (intermediate)

Samuel (WMF)

My name is Samuel Guebo and I was born in Côte d'Ivoire. Since 2008, under the African Hope username, I have been editing Wikipedia, in French mainly, as well as its sister projects. Alongside my volunteer editing, I was deeply involved in the growth of the local User Group, Wikimedia Community User Group of Côte d’Ivoire (WCUG-CI). From its official affiliation in 2014 until today various roles were assigned to me : Wikipedian in Residence, GLAM-WIKI Coordinator, and more recently, Vice-Chair of the WCUG-CI. Aside these coordination roles, I am in charge of the editorial aspects of our edit-a-thons. It implies preparing the topics that will be edited in advance, coaching contributors, etc.

  • Primary focus: French speaking community
  • Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish

SGill (WMF)

Satdeep Gill at Wikimania 2016

I was born in a Punjabi family in India in the year 1993. I have been on Wikipedia as a volunteer since 2009 and I am a sysop on Punjabi Wikipedia and Multilingual Wikisource. I also contribute to various other projects such as Wikimedia Commons. I am one of the founding members of Punjabi Wikimedians User Group. I am a member of the Affiliations Committee and the Language committee since January 2017. I have been working to promote Wikipedia and other projects in India and surrounding countries. I was the program leader in WikiConference India 2016.

  • Primary focus: Hindi community
  • Languages spoken: Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English, Basic French and Basic Spanish

SGrabarczuk (WMF)

I'm Szymon (I also go by Simon), Tar Lócesilion from Polish Wikipedia. I've been editing since 2010, mainly on my home wiki and the multilingual projects. As a volunteer, I'm a Tech Ambassador and collaborate with the Community Liaisons. I'm also a member of Wikimedia Polska, its microgrants commission, and Free Knowledge Advocacy Group. I'm a full-time contractor.

  • Primary focus: Meta-Wiki, other multilingual wikis, and those monolingual wikis that don't have a coordinator hired by WMF
  • Languages spoken: pl-N, en-3, fr-2

stjn (WMF)

My name is Oleg or ‘Saint Johann’ and I am a Wikipedian since 2011. Over the course of my wiki activity I have been involved both with the Russian-speaking community and the communities writing in the languages of the former Soviet Union. I have co-organised the Russian Wikipedia blackout and currently I am concerned with technical support of Russian Wikipedia.

  • Primary focus: the Russian-speaking community and the communities writing in the languages of the former Soviet Union
  • Languages spoken: Russian, English, German, Tatar

Takot (WMF)

  • Primary focus: My focus with this role is to fill the gap between Japanese community and English-spoken community and WMF.
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English (can read a little bit of Chinese, Korean, German)

Tuanminh01 (WMF)

Hi all. I am Vietnamese and active in viwiki as Tuanminh01. I started contributing to Vietnamese wikipedia in 2014 and became an eliminator there in 2015, then a sysop there in 2016. My work mostly are translation from English articles to Vietnamese articles using Content Translation (full list here). I'm also a member of Medicine Translation Task Force in enwiki. This is my first chance to work with international wikipedians and I hope that we will learn a lot from each other.

  • Primary focus: Vietnamese communities
  • Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese

VLui (WMF)

Hello everyone! I am Venus from Hong Kong, a member of Wikipedia Education Collaborative. I used to work for Wikimedia Hong Kong, as the Project Manager for the the Wikipedia Education Program and also the GLAM Project. Currently I am living in Berlin, Germany.

  • Primary focus: Chinese Community
  • Languages spoken: English, Chinese, French, German