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name of group Bengali community
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Bengali Wikipedia's movement strategy page
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 25


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Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 The future world will be much more dependent on technology and information-sharing will be increased rapidly. We should focus on updating the new information speedily in Wikimedia projects for our future generation. information-sharing, future
2 In the next 15 years, we should decentralize Wikimedia movement by creating small communities/groups outside main cities to spread the word of Wikimedia in rural level. Because of these communities/groups, we'll also have more contributors from small area. promotion, communities, groups
3 To increase number of quality articles in the small language Wikipedia, we can encourage new editors to create at least one article per day by giving them Wikipedia swags. article, small Wikipedias
4 In Wikimedia projects, new contributors often think themselves as an outsider. In the next 15 years, if we want to survive and thrive, we have to come up with a workable solution so that those editors feel that they are also part of the movement. newbie, solution
5 In this information era, facts matter. To present correct information to our readers, We should develop a tool for automated spelling correction and simple sentence correction in various languages. This type of tools are usually used by the news outlets. tool, technology
6 In information management, Wikidata is playing a huge role and it can be used more effectively. Wikidata
7 We should partner with more free knowledge base organizations across the world so that we can also use their resources. partnership
8 We should also add 'Audio book' project into Wikisource so that those who are visually impaired can also listen the book from Wikisource. Wikisource, Audio book
9 In Bengali Wikipedia, we should focus more on increasing number of articles. English Wikipedia has 5,367,653 articles alone but with over 210 million speakers, Bengali is the seventh most spoken native language in the world yet we have only 49,115 articles in Bengali. article, increase
10 To serve rapidly growing Bengali Wikipedia editors, we should encourage more editors in the administrative/technical task. admin, technical
11 In every village where 'village library' is available, we can encourage library authority to give at least one laptop/desktop with internet connection solely for Wikipedia/Wikimedia related purpose. Those computers should only work when browsing certain sites (such as, Wikimedia projects, resource sites and should not be used as a gaming device). 'village library', technology
12 In Wikimedia sites we have a huge number of inactive accounts. Even, some of them created their accounts a while ago but didn't edit a single page since. We can start a pilot program/find a way to engage those inactive users. We can use an automated bot and send them some kind of friendly message reminder once a month via their talk-page or email (where email is enabled). inactivity, reminder, bot
13 We can encourage editors to involve in stub and good article process. We have a huge number of stub articles in every language Wikipedia. In some Wikipedia where community is small, no one cares about those stub articles. Some of them even left untouched for years. article, quality
14 We should emphasis on making Wikipedia article writing and editing process more user friendly so that new users are encouraged to create articles. article, technical
15 Newcomers are often eager to receive recognition and awards for their contributions. To hold on to their spirit, every Wikimedia projects should start a program called 'Featured Wikipedian/Wikimedian this month' where a Wikipedian/Wikimedian (by public community consensus) will receive a recognition for a specific month. Once a year WMF/local affiliate (where applicable) will elect a 'Wikipedian/Wikimedian of the year' (Region-based) and award them something cool for their contributions throughout the year. Local affiliate can also honor Contributors for Off-Wiki activities. Featured Wikipedian/Wikimedian, recognition, award
16 To survive and thrive, we have no other option but to create a group of Expert Wikipedians/Wikimedians in every community. To do that, We should emphasis on outreach and offline activities in school, colleges and Universities. After all, a student have more free time to contribute than a service holder. outreach, offline, promotion
17 We should collect every idea related to our movement whether they are important or not and address them with care. Where contributors wanted to credit them for their idea(s), we should respect that. They will feel motivated this way. idea, movement
18 We're always ready to hear complain against us. The problem is, we sometime overreact, we should work on developing our attitude towards newcomers. complain, attitude, newcomers
19 Each of us have different types of skills (such as: leadership, communications, personal development, mentor etc.). We should emphasis on finding those skills from different person and encourage them to donate those skills furthering our movement. skill
20 To accelerate our progress over the next 15 years, we should emphasis on organizing more global contest like Wiki loves monuments, Wikipedia Asian months etc. These types of program attract a huge number of newbies. contest, newbies
21 Mentoring newcomers is a very important work to develop a good and sustainable community. Though few Wikimedia projects have mentoring system most of the sites don't have that system in place. Global community should reach out those emerging community and guide them through the process. Mentorship, community
22 English Wikipedia is large and have most of the template for supporting the article. But many language version do not have necessary template to support a huge number of articles. We should encourage those who are experienced in the field to create those technical template for them and encourage local community to translate them in their respective language. Ne editors often feel helpless when it comes to create the template pages. template, technical
23 Small Wikipedia contributors often translate articles from English Wikipedia. Those editors can first focus on a specific portal articles. In this way, we'll have new articles as well as complete portal in specific topic. portal, article
24 Most Editors in a specific language community contribute in Wikipedia. We can emphasis on encouraging those editors also contributing other sister projects. Other than Wikipedia most projects are left behind because of lack of awareness. sister projects
25 Updating statistics on country and sport related articles is huge pain especially for small community where number of regular contributors are rather small. We emphasis on developing Wikidata (such as structured data) in this regard so that if someone update the data link, it can automatically update every language version. structured data, Wikidata
26 All contest and workshop that we arrange are mostly about Wikipedia. We should also focus on other projects in the next 15 years. sister projects, Wikimedia
27 In the next 15 years, Bengali community should focus on improving articles by writing them in simple and comprehensive manner. Most of the contents in a article are hard to understand for secondary level students. Alternatively, Every language should have a second Wikipedia in that regard; such as, Simple English Wikipedia. Easy articles, Wikipedia, content
28 We should encourage experienced Wikipedians to contribute in the stub articles. content, quality
29 In the next 15 years, we should emphasis on awareness building about Wikimedia projects. We should send a printed version (not a complete Wikipedia of course) of Wikipedia (with instruction how to write) in every educational institutions. awareness, promotion
30 Where local community exist, they should take an initiative for next 15 years to organize at least 2 workshops in their region per month. promotion, workshop
31 In future, we can also emphasis on organizing major wiki conference in rural area rather than big cities. wiki conference, village
32 In the next 15 years, we should emphasis on quality articles NOT quantity. article, quality
33 Since most people in Bangladesh are now using internet through mobile device, we can encourage those mobile based Wikimedia users by awarding a specific user the mobile data pack once per month as a token for their contributions. award, spirit
34 To uphold the spirit of our contributors and for cross communications local groups should emphasis on regular Wiki-meetups. meet-up
35 We should create a clear and simple guide on how to contribute in Wikipedia/Wikimedia than this guide can be translated in different languages. policy pages
36 We should emphasis on reaching mass people with new kind of updated information and inter projects collaboration of Wikimedia projects can do it. reach, information
37 To survive in the information world, Our commitment of providing more neutral information in various topics should be our main driving force in the next 15 years. fact matters, neutral content

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  • On March 9, 2017 the first announcement has been made in Bengali Wikipedia village pump.
  • On March 12, 2017 announcement has been sent to the Bengali Wiki mailing list.
  • On March 12, 2017 announcement has been sent to the West Bengal Wikimedians usergroup mailing list.
  • On March 9, 2017, The first announcement has been made in Bengali Wikisource Scriptorium.
  • On March 18, 2017, The second announcement has been made in VP of all Bengali projects.
  • On March, 22, 2017, Mass messages were sent in the talk page of almost 250 users active in various Bengali projects.