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Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Questions key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires tradeoffs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keyword
1 A 1 We would have the diversity and quality of our data improved. [1] quality
2 A 2 Only a healthy community will commit and progress. [2] commitment
3 A 2 Inclusiveness means diversity of backgrounds. [3] background
4 A 2 Without healthy community, we won't be able to deliver any other goals. [4] priority
5 A 2 Healthy community means the right balance among various groups. [5] balance
6 A 3 Stop narrowing the sense of notability. [6] thresholds
7 A 3 Stop trying to import policies and cultural norms between projects. [7] policies
8 A 4 Add a code of conduct, standards of practice, improve leadership, provide training in human resource management. [8] leadership
9 B 4 Develop tools that would provide data mining in our sources and check compatibility between sources and content. [9] data mining
10 B 5 Develop a software like ZygoteBody, BioDigital Human, and BodyParts3D that allows browsing 3D data, and display it in virtual reality. [10] virtual reality
11 C 1 Seek metrics that measure global impact. [11] metrics
12 C 1 Improve our lobbying and political outreach, contact people with power in more countries. [12] lobbying
13 C 1 More people who are not American in the top of our organisation. [13] diversity
14 C 1 Support translations and remove multilingual barriers so that different people could communicate more easily. [14] multilingualism
15 C 3 Don't stop doing things, but change how we do things. [15] behavior
16 C 3 Allow more personalization for readers, allow themselves to improve their UX. [16] UX
17 C 3 Be more international, less US-centric. [17] diversity
18 C 4 Run empiric experiments to find out whether specific strategies work. [18] research
19 C 4 There's a bias in our approach towards various languages - stop caring about our own. [19] languages
20 D 1 Become the most respected source of broad-based knowledge suited for the general public. [20] broad reach
21 D 1 Bring people from all language backgrounds together to work out consensus in a centralized knowledge repository. [21] centralization
22 D 1 Host high quality knowledge instead of focusing on relative respect in comparison to other sources. [22] quality
23 D 1 With Wikidata, we can promote the networked model of verification, and confront inconsistent factual claims more easily. [23] verifiability
24 D 2 Focus on fighting with fake news. [24] fake news
25 D 3 Simplify our language, "short academic book chapters" should be deprecated. [25] accessibility
26 D 4 Separate citation data from its presentation, and attach references explicitly to text areas. [26] references
27 D 5 Reference librarians, archivists, fact-aggregating scholars, metadata mavens. [27] education
28 E 1 Wikidata can't play a significant role in education, because it has no space for explanations. [28] education
29 E 2 To be a reference for education, we have to provide a coherent knowledge and not a collection of facts without references or contradictions. [29] coherent knowledge
30 E 3 This area is potentially more important than the "Augmented Age", where for-profit companies are likely to cover much of the ground. [30] priorities
31 E 3 To become an educational reference, we should start controlling in a more strict way our content and its modifications. [31] control
32 E 4 Provide software support for open and reusable educational and training material. [32] educational material
33 E 1 Produce more educational materials for unbiased readers who don't  learn easily by reading long, scrolling web pages. [33] educational material
34 A 1 We need to do the touchy-feely work to build healthy teams. The teams are the ones who deliver the strategic goals. Goals without a healthy community is empty rhetoric. [34] touchy-feely work
35 B 1 We will be leaders in the development of those technologies that will define this new age. Electing not to make a concerted effort within this area leaves development of these technologies entirely to entities who would use it to serve their own interests. [35] leaders
36 B 1 We will be a counterfoil to those who actively spread disinformation, propaganda and fake news. There are many entities that will use machine learning to shape the knowledge landscape to their own ends. [36] disinformation
37 B 1 If we are to ingest and integrate the firehose of data that's produced every hour, including government and archival material, we simply cannot operate at the pedestrian pace we are. The only way to do that is to automate and augment. [37] automation
38 B 1 We have to be internally consistent between projects. [38] consistency
39 B 1 Our encyclopedic base has to be radically extended to non-English wikis. [39] global reach
40 B 1 Our claims should have a high degree of external validation and the latency in updating claims should be lowered substantially. [40] verifiability
41 B 2 Healthy communities is in total synergy with this theme. Community tends to be splitted into many smaller communities that may not work together. This theme can work if Wikidata breaks the language issues. [41] barriers
42 B 2 More integration with MediaWiki, more easy to use tools and more communication around learning is a must do before any prior work. [42] tools
43 B 2 It’s definitely NOT opposed to the other subjects. We can build connections between communities by establishing a common vocabulary, and inferring statements from other language Wikipedias. [43] connections
44 D 3 Simplification, micro-edits, and a retreat from writing academic book chapters are good, but readability will be dramatically affected if the whole article can no longer be read as a coherent series of "sentences" but must be read as a list of interconnected "chunks". [44] readability
45 E 2 Wikimedia does not have a view on didactic, let alone that materials have been developed upon such a view. For a lot of people the gold mine of Wikimedia facts, data and images will remain closed, simply because it is not that easy to handle. User:Lymantria didactic
46 E 2 Our volunteers mainly create and improve static elements: data, texts, media. Interaction with users, for instance in person help, may be a very important element that is missing. An example of how that could be an addition is a project like Ask Dr. Math User:Lymantria interaction
47 A 3 Guidelines can be different among projects. My impression is that there are guidelines that may not be understood by all users evenly well. And perhaps the number of guidelines sometimes is growing too high. Users may feel some bureaucracy, which I think is not helpful. User:Lymantria bureaucracy
48 A 3 Often new users are discouraged to feel free to add new articles/items because that leads to deletion of their input. Also it can lead to unhealthy situations of different user groups, with different backgrounds and different interests. That does not help to find new users. User:Lymantria notability
49 A 2 A healthy community is vital and, apart from being seen as important data source, I think this is the second most important part of strategy. User:Lymantria priority
50 D 2 Being a respected and reliable source of knowledge should be the most important theme. Without this one, the other four are of no use. User:Lymantria priority

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