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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Cycle 2/Wikimedia Israel

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name of group Wikimedia Israel
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Givatayim, Israel
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) In-person discussion
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 23


Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keywords
1 A 1 We must take into account and act to expand diversity in the community Diversity, Expand
2 A 1 It is necessary to raise the community's ability to deal with different opinions and ideas Different opinion, Deal with
3 A 1 Diversity in the community can increase our ability to deal with people, beliefs and other perceptions Diversity, Community
4 A 1 This is a way to increase our influence - a broad community increases the ability to influence decision makers. It will reach all sorts of places - in the media and among decision makers Broad community, Increase, Influence
5 A 1 The range of opinions will be greater - so that they will not be attracted only in one direction - it will neutralize various biases Opinions, Broad, Bias
6 A 2 The other themes looks a lot forward - you can't know what will be in 15 years. This theme is relevant today Future, Relevant, Today
7 A 2 The added value that distinguishes Wikimedia from other platforms in this community. The issue of technology refers to another 30 years. The issue of a real global community comes out of this issue. That's the added value Value, Wikimedia, Community
8 A 3 We will have to compromise on uniformity. On the monopoly of existing editors Compromise, Uniformity, Monopoly
9 A 3 There is no need to compromise on quality, because there is currently no such a distinct quality. It will be necessary but let go of the patronage that exists today Patronage, Compromise
10 A 3 The renunciation of existing and cumbersome procedures will allow for development towards other communities. At the moment, the vision is very Western Renunciation, Procedures, Development
11 A 4 We need to locate disadvantaged communities - battered women, Arab schools, Ethiopian immigrants, immigrants from the Soviet Union and people with disabilities Disadvantaged, Communities
12 A 4 There is currently an emphasis on editing in Wikipedia. One has to think about involvement in the community. Get closer to the community. It is something that can not come from above, but from within the community Involvement, Community
13 A 4 Volunteer editors tend to stay in their comfort zone. Here it is the job of the affiliate - to initiate and continue the activities that the volunteers have started Affiliate, Initiate, Activities
14 A 5 We need to cooperate with academia to fight against fake News Cooperate, Academia
15 A 5 We need to cooperate with commercial technology companies that invest in Africa - in research and community mobilization Cooperate, Commercial, Companies
16 A 5 There is a danger of cooperation with commercial entities. But beyond the dangers of such cooperation - does that fit in with the Wikimedia ethos? Cooperation, Commercial, Dangers
17 C 1 As a global community we can change the world and influence legislation and politics in the movement's goals Global, Community, Influence
18 C 1 We need to listen to people from other places Listen, Other places
19 C 1 It is necessary to act in favor of preserving local knowledge in local languages, and also to allow European languages to integrate local knowledge Preserving, Local, Knowledge
20 C 1 Create a wiki tool for language preservation. Instead of opening Wikipedia for languages to preserve, open a new tool in the Wiki for Language Preservation Language, Preservation, Tool
21 C 1 Good translation software will create knowledge. The editors will only edit the knowledge that has been created. Translation, Software
22 C 1 Wikipedia should be subdivided into sub-languages Subdivided, Sub-languages
23 C 1 We need to think of virtual universities - not just an encyclopedia. On the basis of knowledge to produce an international learning system Virtual, Universitie
24 C 1 We need to show at the same time a number of languages - a number of narratives of one article Languages, Narratives
25 C 1 We need to hold conferences divided by regions Conferences, Regions
26 C 1 We need to display information in a different way - videos. Reading articles in spoken languages Information, Display, Different-way
27 C 2 We can't give up on the other themes Themes
28 C 2 Prosperous communities will strengthen small communities Communities, Strengthen
29 C 2 Technology is a key tool for a truly global movement Technology, Global, Movement
30 C 2 We need to create a reliable knowledge that people from around the world can use as a basis for joint projects Reliable, Knowledge, Projects
31 D 1 Reliability is critical to Wikipedia. This is usually the first argument against Wikipedia. Reliability, Wikipedia
32 D 1 Technological collaborations should be established, both within the community and with external companies Collaborations, External companies, Community
33 D 1 Mechanisms should be established to identify the Vendals. And we should use AI for the identification of curses (etc). Mechanisms, Identify, Vendals
34 D 1 It has also been proposed to improve the Wikipedia interface so that it is clear where the information was taken from. An interface that will show readers how they can add information and how the mechanism works. Interface, Wikipedia
35 D 1 Experts must be recruited. Experts, Recruit
36 D 1 We must stress the importance of sources, and neutrality. Sources, Neutrality
37 D 1 Encouraging writing contests can help add editors to the editors circle. Encourage, Writing contests
38 D 1 It is very important to continue to maintain how Wikipedia works. The mechanisms the community has are critical to maintaining credibility, and are more important than a specific project to encourage writing. Maintain, Wikipedia
39 D 1 Some Wikipedians in the group have raised the issue of Prohibiting anonymous editing. But there were also Wikipedians who opposed the proposal. Anonymous-editing, Prohibiting
40 E 1 Educational projects create a reserve of editors (and therefore the subject is related to the theme "Healthy, inclusive communities"), which is important since there is naturally a departure. If there were no Wikimedia collaborations, the community would be smaller Education, Projects
41 E 1 Collaborations are needed to diversify and expand content. In matters that the editors' community does not know so well Collaborations, Content
42 E 1 Making new partners is a product of future growth partnership
43 E 1 In the present age it is easy to feel lonely. Wikipedia has community, discussions, conversations. Through partnerships with civil organizations working in this field, Wikipedia can play an important role in creating a social network around common interests, helping to fill this void Wikipedia, Social network
44 E 1 Promoting cooperation will enable us to create an integrated and interdisciplinary knowledge base that will enable us to learn about a particular topic easily and from different angles Cooperation, Knowledge
45 E 1 Wikimedia projects that are not Wikipedia or Commons generally tend not to rise. It seems best to try to embed content in layers within Wikipedia Wikipedia, Embed-content
46 E 1 Early childhood education projects, even before students can edit, are also important, because Wikipedia literacy provides skills to evaluate information that is becoming important in the present age education, literacy skills
47 E 2 The subject of cooperation is not as basic as the issues of Source of Knowledge, communities and The Augmented Age. In the last three Wikipedia is conditional. But, for 10-15 years we have lived "within ourselves", and we may have exhausted the inner resources of the community and the movement. Turning to new partners is a product of future growth cooperation, partners, growth
48 E 2 The issue of "A Truly Global Movement" is less important to me because it will require resources from another, more fundamental or more important place, and this development can even happen without our push Resources
49 E 2 It is impossible to give up on any theme, because all themes are like tools that are intertwined and connected. For example, on "A Truly Global Movement" - if non-mainstream population groups can not be represented - Wikipedia may be perceived as a site that represents a specific group and therefore unreliable Themes, Intertwined
50 E 4 Collaborations enable the production of quality knowledge by experts, but in return sometimes the Wikipedia rules need to be adapted to the needs of the body of knowledge with which they cooperate and to find a golden path Collaboration, Adapt
51 E 4 In order for educational and training initiatives to create a reserve of editors, a model should be created in which the project is not necessarily translated immediately into articles. This protected environment and training will enable them to have a positive experience and gradually become regular editors Education, Initiative,
52 E 4 In the context of commercialism, our entire essence is based on non-commercialism, and if we become flexible here we will owe it to others. we can't compromise on that Commercialism
53 E 4 In the field of technology, commercial companies have the potential to contribute a lot to us. Such as Google's translation tool. Insisting on the current rules regarding the prohibition of cooperation with commercial entities can interfere with our growth Commercial, Cooperation
54 E 5 It is possible to form cooperation with knowledge producers interested in giving representation to a field that receives problematic representation in the media / improving image / raising awareness of a subject. Cooperation, Representation
55 E 5 It is possible to form cooperation with knowledge producers who are interested in offering an innovative way to learn, especially with adult learners who have exhausted the "regular" learning methods. Cooperation, Innovative, Learn
56 E 5 It is possible to form Cooperation with knowledge producers interested in the desire to offer a community integration and an end to loneliness within the Wikipedia community Cooperation, Integration, Community
57 E 1 It is possible to form Cooperation with knowledge producers interested in increasing accessibility of content rather than placing barriers to accessibility in order to maintain exclusivity Cooperation, Accessibility, Content
58 E 1 It is possible to form cooperation with knowledge producers interested in adding additional content to existing articles cooperation, Additional content

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Fill in the table, using these 2 keys.

Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Questions key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires tradeoffs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

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