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What group or community is this source coming from?

name of group Metawiki
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Talk:Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Cycle 1
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 100


The summary is a group of summary sentences and associated keywords that describe the relevant topic(s). Below is an example.

The first column (after the line number) should be a single sentence. The second column should be a comma-separated list of keywords about that sentence, and so on. Taken together, all the sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Strengthen distributed communities against centralised paid teams. distributed ecosystem, community support
2 Seek for alternatives for the WMF staff-developed software, and reach out to the authors of such initiatives. technology development, MediaWiki, WMF
3 Recognize, welcome, promote, and support free knowledge efforts that are being developed out of WMF servers. ecosystem, free knowledge support, WMF
4 Focus on the quality of our content, and fight with fake news. truth, quality
5 Respect each other regardless of the differences caused by the user group rights. civility, respect, community health
6 Involve more women and collaborate with women's organizations. gender gap, involvement of existing networks
7 Prepare for the upcoming massive spam, sockfarms, undisclosed paid advocacy. misinformation, disinformation, paid editing, independence, quality
8 Agressive outreach in the third world is backfiring, because it leads to an Endless September. outreach, track D
9 Support the development of software that would fit to our emphasis on the quality of content. quality, technology development
10 Wikimedia Foundation should sign enterprise support contracts to earn money for a serious MediaWiki refresh. technology development, MediaWiki
11 Promote free knowledge truly globally. global access, global activities, diversity
12 Improve the technology and eradicate defects. technology development
13 Advocate for a wider freedom of panorama in the USA. copyright, advocacy, Commons
14 Projects that benefit from Wikidata (Wikisource, Wikipedia) should be connected better. cross-wiki, structured data, Wikidata
15 Tools that allow to create graphs and charts should be developed. graphing tools, rich content
16 Offline access should be improved to make our content dependable globally. global access, offline access
17 Our content should be easily understandable so that more people could benefit from our work. style, accessibility, global access
18 Undisclosed paid promotional editing should be minimized to maintain our independence and keep us free from advertising. paid editing, independence
19 Improve our ability to handle rich content: maps, graphing tools, etc. interactivity, graphing tools, rich content
20 Collaborate with like-minded organizations more often. involvement of existing networks
21 Improve the collaboration between the formal organizations and the communities. community support
22 Prove to educators that we create reliable resources. quality, reliability, re-use, education
23 'Wiki' implies 'amateur' - rename our sites. quality, reliability
24 Forks of existing pages may reduce the monotony of the 'sole page syndrome'. distributed knowledge, technology
25 Collect the knowledge of the endangered languages' users. global activities, diversity, sister projects, languages
26 Collaborate with educators that teach in the endangered or minority languages. global activities, diversity, education, languages
27 Support the linguistic diversity on Commons. diversity, Commons
28 Focus on developing machine learning tools, which would augment human activity significantly. technology, machine learning
29 By simplifying policies and guidelines, and eradicating a battleground atmosphere, create a better environment for newbies. newbies, civility, community health
30 Launch an aggressive campaign strategy to attract more Track D, female, and expert editors. diversity, global activities, gender gap
31 Resolve the key issues first, and then expand into new areas. strategic prioritization
32 Wikimedia should become a WikiBank, an open source bank of social capital. ecosystem, community support
33 The autonomy of communities, decentralisation of power, and principle of subsidiarity are essential. distributed ecosystem, community support
34 The FDC should have its own staff, while the WMF doesn't have to be a centralised entity governed by US law. distributed ecosystem, WMF
35 Mobile devices aren't the best and won't become our main sort of input devices, so we should support desktop computers use. mobile, technology
36 Fight for digital rights, which also would help us to attract new contributors. advocacy
37 Develop truthful, meaningful, interesting, neutral educational content, and encourage students to join us. quality, education
38 Create another level of encyclopedia: computer-assisted data acquisition based on assemblage of top hits of queries. technology, machine learning
39 Harmonize contradictory information by with more bots, AI, by engaging more experts, and collaboration with universities. quality, technology, involvement of existing networks
40 Keep the balance between correct description and readability by the layman. style, accessibility
41 Make the contributors feel valued by expressing more appreciation, focusing on their requests, encouraging newbies. civility, respect, community support, newbies, community health
42 Look for new editors specifically tailored to the lacking content. outreach, involvement of existing networks
43 Care for our consumers by providing good accessibility, coverage of needed content, adequate language, and up-to-date technology. accessibility, style, quality, technology
44 We shouldn't focus on looking for potential contributors, but on treating well those who join by themselves. newbies, civility
45 On mobile, Wikimedia Foundation should provide apps for sister projects, and advanced features that are accessible on desktop only. mobile, apps, sister projects
46 There should be a place for non-English Wikipedias to cooperate and correct possibly biased articles. quality, cross-wiki
47 Improve the quality by providing an opportunity to review. quality
48 Preserve knowledge by writing in the extinct and endangered languages. global activities, diversity, languages
49 There should be another English Wikipedia, an international one, not centered on the English-speaking countries. diversity, style
50 Sections with information for laymen should be clearly divided from expert-level sections. accessibility, style
51 Develop tools to support our community, e.g. prompt people to contribute. community support, technology
52 Automate things, use machine learning tools. technology, machine learning
53 Distribute our focus among the sister projects, don't invest too much into Wikipedia. sister projects, proposed projects
54 Be less vulnerable to propaganda. misinformation, disinformation, quality
55 Promote better understanding of international copyright law. copyright, advocacy, Commons
56 Stimulate African communities, promote Kiwix. global access, global activities, diversity
57 Release wikis with non-controversial content accessible in censored countries. global access
58 Set rules guaranteeing the possibility of rejuvenation and regular changes in various groups. community support, newbies
59 Have a healthy community, focus on community curation. community support, community health, civility
60 Be more open, less hierarchical and bureaucratic. community support, ecosystem
61 Be a web search engine that brings up reliable information. quality, reliability
62 Improve transparency in salaries and spending. transparency, budgeting
63 Conform granting systems to the community-developed workflows grants, community support, WMF
64 Improve user experience, visual design, and multimedia support. UX, design, rich content
65 Create a learning program that customizes to the user's needs. technology, accessibility
66 Make more surveys to check if the goals are being successfully addressed. method, community support
67 Open a new project, WikiObjects. project proposals
68 Improve UX so that users would prefer us rather than our mirrors. UX, technology, readers
69 Impact on the sources and make them more reliable. outreach, quality
70 Help language learners by providing similar content on multiple wikis. education, languages
71 Focus on the community health. community health, community support
72 Focus on mobile applications, improve the app for Wiktionary. mobile, apps, sister projects
73 Provide different levels of proficiency in the same article. accessibility, technology
74 Understand our impact on the world, especially on the life-altering issues, and break away from IT industry methodologies. impact, reliability, accessibility
75 Create a welcoming community, simplify our narrative about the policies. newbies, outreach
76 Improve the usability of what we have for others and the use of what we have for others and for ourselves. usability
77 Improve practical communication between the communities. communication, community support
78 The same information should exist in any project with information or content on the same subject. content, consistency
79 Single approach to all wikis is destructive and leads to a lot of stress. diversity, ecosystem
80 Let readers and libraries benefit from our content by connecting MediaWiki functionalities with libraries' software. involvement of existing entities, technology, libraries
81 Open Wikimed, a new project that would gather information about medical products. project proposals
82 Open a genealogy project. project proposals
83 Open an encyclopedia where original research (democratized, open R&D) would be allowed. project proposals
84 Open a project where artists could collaborate together on creating works of art. project proposals
85 Improve community health by back to basics and culture change. community health
86 Improve cultural and educational outreach and practices by surveys and process change. community support
87 Allocate resources to support and grow the community. community support, resources
88 Encourage copyright owners to liberate their works. copyright, advocacy
89 Describe controversial topics doubly: in a "reasonably positive" article and in a "reasonably negative" article. quality, content
90 Have a video file on every Wikipedia article over a certain popularity threshold. multimedia, technology
91 Engage major GLAM and educational institutions in every country. GLAM, education
92 Decentralize the organization of the movement. distributed ecosystem
93 Provide a new system of talk pages and bring the communication back to wiki. communication, technology
94 Help ex-Wikipedians get back on their feet and contribute to sister projects before becoming Wikipedians again. community, retirees
95 Create a code of conduct, which will allow us to become a community, not a battleground. civility, code of conduct, community health

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