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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Portuguese Wikipedia Village Pump

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name of group Portuguese Wikipedia
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) pt:WP:Esplanada
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 13


Line Summary Contributors Keywords
Summary of discussion from 03-22 to 03-24
Hostile Environment
1 Providing (simple) mechanisms for dispute resolutions GoETheChico Venancio (WMF)Darwin Conflict resolution, civility
2 Immediate response to harassment and civility problems (League of Legends mechanism used as example) GoETheKleiner Harassment, civility
3 Improve environment before reaching out to new editors Darwin New editor retention, civility
Moderation of discussions
4 Moderation mechanisms in discussions. A way to prioritize good and helpful comments and de-emphasize bad and unhelpful ones. (Quora and Stack Overflow mentioned) GoEThe moderation, discussions, organized debate
Prioritizing and improving content
5 Priority lists of articles by themes ("500 most important in Geography") HTPF Priority lists, content
6 Worry about content gaps about local content within the Portuguese Language community HTPFDarwin Content gaps, local content, Knowledge gaps
7 Featured articles as barriers to newcomers, should not be priority Darwin Featured articles, newcomers, priorities
8 Translations as non ideal expenditure of time, translated content is normally non-local content, should not be priority.  HTPFGoEThe Translations, local content, Knowledge gaps
Summary of discussion from 03-24 to 04-18
Hostile Environment
9 We should foment more initiatives to reward editors for contributions and constructive behaviors TheGustavoNerd, Ultragp7 Gamefication, editor involvement
Content Priorities and Improvements
10 Themes from Africa are missing in Wikipedia, the movement should incentivize writing of content and outreach of theses themes wu22222, O Sem Autoridade, Ultragp7 Content diversity, knowledge gaps, Africa
11 Important criteria to prioritize content: 1) universal timeless themes 2) current events and news Igor G.Monteiro Content priorities, timeless themes, current events
Openness to IPs, Academic Revision of Content
12 There should be a formal revision process for Wikipedia articles pt:user:GualdimG pt:user:Tetraktys, Ultragp7(partially) content revision, quality
13 IPs (unregistered users) shound be restricted in their edits to Wikipedia pt:Usuário:Tetraktys unregistered users
14 All articles, specially those from IPs should have their edits verified in Wikipedia pt:usuário:GualdimG quality, content revision, unregistered users
15 We should captivate college students to create articles pt:usuário:GualdimG Wikipedia Education programs, colleges
16 We should adopt mechanisms to review all content before publishing wu22222, Ultragp7 Content review, quality
Knowledge about the community
17 We should know our users better, know their area of contributions, as well as the time dedicated to each area. Igor G.Monteiro, Ultragp7 Knowledge about the community, time dedicated to each editing area, meta-knowledge
18 We should know focus area for editors and collective urgencies (long missing articles, articles in need of updating, incomplete articles) Igor G.Monteiro, Ultragp7 focus areas, meta-knowledge
19 The reader should feel well, acomplished, and updated by visitting our projects, as well as have an easy navigation. Igor G.Monteiro, Ultragp7 Reader, design, content
20 Editors should have the most of their time spent as useful to the projects; we should have better ways of identifying content that has a higher likelihood of staying. Igor G.Monteiro, Ultragp7 maximize usefulness, rollback, likelihood of staying
21 We should make Wikimedia projects more accessible to humans; articles withe better, more precise and objective writting, as well as working in en:accessibility and en:usability. Oxe, Ultragp7 accessibility, content, objectivity
22 We should make Wikimedia projects more accessible to machines; content should be more easily processed by computers so the acumulated knowledge of Wikipedia be available to more diverse computational uses, the already known and those yet to be invented. Oxe, Ultragp7 machine readable, machine learning, innovations
23 We should have more media types, imagine how interesting it would be the production of an encyclopedic video in a wiki way. Oxe, Ultragp7 Media types, video production
24 We should rething interactivity with reader, todays discussion about Wikipedia articles is very limited, but we have an oportunity for greater interaction and content development; we should have an Q&A system in relation to the subject of the articles. Oxe, Ultragp7, Darwin Q&A space, discussion about content, interactivity
Line Editors Link
Support for themes from other communities
25 wu22222, Ultragp7 (§En1 )
26 wu22222, Ultragp7 (§En11)
27 wu22222, Ultragp7 (§En4)
28 wu22222, Ultragp7 (§De8)

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