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name of group Russian Wikipedia
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Википедия:Стратегия движения Викимедиа
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) ≈25


The first column (after the line number) should be a single sentence. The second column should be a comma-separated list of keywords about that sentence, and so on. Taken together, all the sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Find drastical new ways for community interaction with the increasing number of newcomers. newcomers, community engagement
2 More actively encourage to edit and read Wikipedia smart, informed people that wouldn’t be shy about doing it. user engagement
3 Retain from any fancy technical novations which make our work more complex. technology development
4 Dedicate the main efforts to solving problems of communities of wikis. community engagement, priorities
5 Define the main work by the main principle of Wikipedia − creating encyclopedic content. priorities, Wikipedia
6 Integrate newcomers into the Wikimedia community. newcomers, user engagement
7 Foster the efforts on helping and saving the experienced users of the communities. experienced users, community engagement
8 Organise motivational meetings and educational programmes about community organising for experienced users. experienced users, community engagement, activities
9 Devote funds for researching the social situation in the communities. research, community engagement, spending
10 Create new technical features not only for newcomers and readers, but also for experienced users. experienced users, technology development
11 Integrate the experienced users into the decision-making processes, protect and help them in every possible way. experienced users, user engagement
12 Wikipedia lacks both the technical instruments and the culture of increasing quality. quality, Wikipedia, technology development
13 Improve the multilingualism of its projects and bring in non-English users to the decision-making process. community engagement, user engagement, multilingualism
14 Focus on increasing the number of wikis by engaging with people in unrepresented languages. multilingualism, outreach
15 Maintain the community of experienced users, which can write more quality articles and oversee the work of newcomers. newcomers, experienced users, community engagement
16 Strive for increasing number of new editors coming into Wikipedia and its sister projects. newcomers, user engagement, outreach
17 Prepare the useful data on why users are leaving the Wikimedia community. research, community engagement
18 Keep track so that the Wikimedia Foundation projects couldn’t be turned in one of the weapons of cyberwarfare. misinformation, neutrality, political content
19 Put more focus on the neutrality in the conflict topics. neutrality, political content
20 Define the main work by the pursuance of scientific character. priorities
21 Integrate more seriously with scientific organisations across the world. activities, outreach
22 Retain from using wiki projects for non-neutral political goals, especially Wikinews. neutrality, Wikinews, political content
23 Officially support both financially and non-financially most experienced and friendly Wikipedians. user engagement, experienced users, spending
24 Work on a deeper scale with sponsors across the countries, openly interact with meaningful organisations. outreach, activities
25 Develop programmes of micro-sponsorship and investing in the projects. donations, outreach
26 Work on a deeper scale at political articles, neutralising their content. neutrality, political content
27 Devote funds fpr bringing in the community those people which works we are considering to be reliable sources. outreach, user engagement
28 Continue the work on securing access to Wikimedia content for people which have their Internet access restricted. outreach, access, technology development
29 Dedicate the resources on improving quality of content translation instruments and its language coverage. outreach, content translation, technology development
30 Make up our mind on the topic of either we are encyclopedia or we are broader body of knowledge. conceptual development, Wikipedia
31 Get rid of the sceptical opinion of information in Wikipedia for readers. outreach, reader engagement
32 Engage with the experts in specific studies which need to come into our projects. user engagement
33 Improve the average quality of many old articles to the current standards. article quality, Wikipedia
34 Find the people which would help others to be open-minded about Wikipedia and adapt in it. Wikipedia, community engagement, user engagement
35 Find sponsors which would be interested in giving money on the building and rehabilitation of the community. community engagement, outreach
36 Engage more deeply with student community. outreach
37 Develop Wikidata into effective uncontroversial tool which is integrated with the other projects. Wikidata, technical development
38 Use blockchain for Edit history of articles for author rights management technical development
39 Popularize Wikipedia among potential qualified authors, not among the readers. outreach, reader engagement

Detailed notes (Optional)[edit]

If you have detailed notes in addition to the summary, you may add them here. For example, the notes may come from an in-person discussion or workshop. If your discussion happened on a wiki or other online space, you do not need to copy the detailed notes here.

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Nothing should guide [us]; the main characteristic of Wikipedia [sic] is that it develops by itself, from the bottom and from within. The main thing is to not do harm. Lesless @ ruwiki organising, approach
2 It’s not a secret that [public] opinion about [reliability of] Wikipedia is changing, so we should more actively encourage to edit and read Wikipedia smart, informed people that wouldn’t be shy about doing it. Lesless @ ruwiki newcomers, user engagement
3 Wikimedia movement is about Wikimedians and [mainly] Wikipedians, so their problems and concerns should be met first and foremost. Since it [Wikimedia movement] is grass roots (at least I hope so), the interests of users, especially the authors, must define the strategy. The main work [that lies ahead] should be defined by the main principle of Wikipedia − creating encyclopedic content. Abiyoyo @ ruwiki user engagement, focus, principles
4 Currently the [Wikimedia] Foundation places a lot of efforts to bringing newcomers and outreach. It is right. … But newcomers need to go somewhere, they need to integrate into the community. The reason [of decline of the number of editors] isn’t only in losing newcomers, it is also because existing social arrangements and institutes are failing and the integration is failing because of that. Abiyoyo @ ruwiki user engagement, newcomers, community
5 Wikipedia isn’t only ‘the millions of authors’. Wikipedia is also ‘cadres’, the experienced editors who are the most profound source for newcomers in terms of traditions, principles and ethos of Wikipedia. … The current problem is that ‘cadres’ are shrinking, but the amount of work is only increasing. This translates into mayhem, into excessively tough approach to mistakes of the newcomers … and into the devastation of the quality of articles. … The Wikimedia Foundation strategy should approach this problem and must be focused on helping and saving these ‘cadres’. … The [Wikimedia] Foundation should turn to the experienced users, integrate them into decision-taking, protect and help them in every possible way. Abiyoyo @ ruwiki user engagement, authors
6 The Wikimedia [Foundation?] should improve the multilingualism of its projects and should engage with non-English users in the matters of event organising and project management at a wider scale. … Also [we] need to focus on increasing the number of wikis by engaging with communities in the languages that aren’t yet in the Wikimedia community, and giving them English-speaking organisers that are able to speak in the languages known to them. HalanTul @ ruwiki multilingualism, outreach

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