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What group or community is this source coming from?

name of group The Swiss community
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) de:Wikipedia:Wiki 2030/E-Mail-Umfrage Schweiz
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) E-Mail survey
# of particpants 9


A questionnaire with 3 questions was sent to 47 Wikipedians from Switzerland hat had been editing Wikipedia within the last 30 days with the following questions:

  1. What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?
  2. Which impact should our projects have on society and politics within the next 15 years?
  3. What do we have to do to achieve our goals within the next 15 years?

What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?[edit]

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Most importantly update Wikipedia articles. Wikidata might help, but one should not rely on Wikidata. Other Wikimedia projects are important, but not as important as Wikipedia. Updating
2 A stronger collaboration of the Wikipedias in the 4 languages of Switzerland would be desirable. Those are communities that are seperated and hardly know about each other. The contacts between de.wikipedia and als.wikipedia are stronger than the ones towards it.wikipedia and fr.wikipedia. collaboration, communities
3 I find Wikipedia/Wikimedia so brilliant that there is no need for major changes. When changing something at all it might be design (Wikiwand). design, Wikiwand
4 Within the next 15 years the percentage of women should be higher in editors and articles. women
5 We should improve in keeping our data up to date. keeping up to date
6 International coordination and collaboration should be improved. Articles are of very different quality in different language versions. collaboration, language versions
7 The WMCH chapter might be a blueprint for other multilingual chapters and should get a better support by the WMF. For the many way of funding community projects WMCH is not ideal, that works better when contacting WMDE. Switzerland might apply to host a WikiCon in 2018. This might be an opportunity for WMF to show support. Chapter, support
8 My wish: we continue working in many languages on our lexicon and keep it up to date. keeping up to date
9 Only people with editing experience should be eligible to work for the chapter. chapter
10 Despite of Open Data and the Free Knowledge Movement an increasing number of of data is disappearing in industry. Data, lists and indexes that formerly were available under a free license and that became commercial. For start ups and the sharing community it get increasingly difficult to get acess to information without being forced to cooperate. Wikipedia could be a counterpart to that. For that we should write essential articles instead of concentrating on minor "celebrities". For that we might have to open ourselves to paid editing and cooperation with GLAM partners. Open Data, essential articles
11 Wikidata could be a great project, but the quality and maintenance of data is not good, lots of data there is obsolete or unsourced and access to the contents of Wikidata is almost impossible if you're not a programmer. Wikidata
12 More emphasis on exisiting projects and not on pontential new edtiors. existing projects
13 More emphasis on existing successfull projects such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource and Wikidata and not on ideas for new projects. existing projects
14 Downsize chapters and only try to raise as many donations as is required to run the projects. Downsize staff in the fields of chapters, liasions, CEOs and employ more programmers. Like this bugs can get fixed and coveted features implemented faster. Insted of people working for the chapters the editors of the projects should be paid. downsize chapters
15 Wikipedia is an encylopaedia, not a multimedia show. Don't turn Wikipedia into Facebook. against multimedia
16 The whole world should contribute? More important are rules and standars for quality and expert knowledge. quality, expert knowledge
36 The quality in Wikimedia projects. Our focus is too much on quantity (new articles and pictures as measurement value). Instead we should improve the quality of existing content, even attract new editors for this task. This could be made with a GLAM project, but again not focussed on increasing the article count. quality, improving existing content
37 The strengthening of the community, especially a sense of unity. Local community spaces and joint activity are going that direction. But this has to be controlled and managed somehow. community, unity
38 The user interfaces, graphical user interfaces and architecture will not be usable in 15 years, imho. A lot has to be done in that regard. And the community will have to support it and not thwart all efforts in that direction like they did with Wikidata. interfaces

Which impact should our projects have on society and politics within the next 15 years?[edit]

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
17 Almost anyone regards Wikipedia as neutral. We should keep it that way. Neutrality
18 When we keep on working without advertisement the impact of our projects on society and politics will stay strong. without advertisement
19 In 15 years Wikipedia should be the encyclopaedia with the highest acceptance in primary and secondary education. acceptance in education
20 Wikipedia should be the leading and most reliable medium for information in society. reliability
21 We should not become a forum and a platform for opinion in politcs. neutrality
22 Wikipedia should be a stronghold against forgery and fraud. stronghold
23 The projects should guarantee free access to knowledge for everybody, i.e. the private and the industry sector. Startups and small companies can be supported by this. For this we need a clear orientation: the preservation of free knowledge of all kind. access to free knowledge
24 More humbleness and more efficiency through focussing is required. If we don't have this, our organisations will lose their authority leading to a loss of donors and voluntees. humbleness, efficiency
25 More quality for the projects and less unrealistic strategy work by chapters and the WMF. Wikipedia itself has not been planned strategically, it emerged through voluntary work of many. Chapters and the WMF have to understand that. more quality, less strategy
39 In 15 years we will be a reliable and independent source for information and knowledge. information, knowledge

What do we have to do to achieve our goals within the next 15 years?[edit]

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
26 Update, update, update! :-) Updating
27 Slightly improve the layout. Layout
28 Small groups of long time editors and admins have too much power over articles, see the examples de:Daniel Ganser and de:Diskussion:Daniele Ganser. We have to insure a plurality of opinions. plurality of opinions
29 Projects de:Wikipedia:GLAM/GLAM on Tour are the best means to reach our goals: strengthen collaboration and broaden our horizon. GLAM on Tour
30 The content of Wikipedia has to be editable and reachable on all possible channels with up-to-date techology. reachability
31 The exchange between chapters of different langauges should be strengthened. One Wikimania a year travelling around the globe is not enough. Local/regional meetings are important as well in the sense of go global but act local. exchange between chapters, regional meetings
32 Wikipedia has to elect good and responsible employees for its leadership. responsible leaders
33 WMF and the chapters have to be downsized massively, they have too many functionaries and employees. They have a culture of conference tourism and an exuberance of coordination. They're working on board trainings and COI policies, but not on content or tools. They're playing big corporation, forgeting the initial goal. Downsizing WMF and chapters
34 The community and projects are only supported selctively and follwing the mainstream (gender seems to be the most important issue). Wikimedia Germany is supporting the community effectively with their local Wikipedia offices while here in Switzerland the segragation between chapter, the languages and the few engages edtiors gets bigger. It would be more effictive to have a bigger chapter for one language, basically a fusion of Wikimedia Switzerland-DE, Wikimedia Austria and Wikimedia Germany. 1 language 1 chapter
35 Chapters and WMF have to be downsized and with this there should be a stronger support for contributors. One might consider new rules for accepting paid editors. downsize chapters and WMF, paid editors
40 Some people won't like this, but we will need even more structures to guarantee further development. We cannot afford to have discussions without results and decision. The community has transfer some of its power to chapters and Foundation. The community has to make a step towards chapters and Foundation instead of accusing them of unfamiliarity with the projects. structures, transfer of power, chapters, foundation