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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Wikimedia Argentina discussion

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What group or community is this source coming from?

name of group Wikimedia Argentina/Spanish-speaking community
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) offwiki
Location type WMAR mailing list
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 6


Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Movement: Let us be better known as movement, with more focus on ideas and people behind Wikipedia. movement, outreach, awareness
2 Movement: Greater diffusion of the bases and foundations of the movement and its projects. movement, values, outreach
3 Movement: More relevance of Wikipedia's sister projects, independently to this one. Wikipedia, sister projects
4 Movement: Resolution of its internal contradictions regarding gender gap in its internal structures. movement, gender gap, affiliates
5 Movement: Produce remarkable events, erect ourselves as a movement in movement (in action). That action also involves sometimes leaving our electronic devices to produce offline events visible to society. movement, offline events, visibility
6 Movement: Engaging with states, without fear of being committed to a government (in the same way that we engage with institutions). movement, state, partnership
7 Movement: Establish synergy (agreements) with other online movements. movement, partnerships
8 Software: Being able to edit Wikipedia in friendly, intuitive and intelligent interfaces. Media Wiki, Wikipedia, interface
9 Software: Improve the wiki software, both in the technical issues and user-view. Accelerate projects that are currently in beta. WMF can't abandon the UX changes it had proposed. software, UX, WMF
10 Software: Empowering everyone through smarter e-democracy devices. software, e-democracy
11 Software: Create a specific project to promote open hardware, where further progress can be made in the implementation of concrete community projects.[1] software, open hardware, public domain
12 Software: Create a modern user communication system compatible with mobile phones, replacing the old discussion pages. software, discussion, mobile
13 Software: Create a mobile app to edit from the phone. software, mobile app, interface
14 Wikipedia: Lower gender, age, and class gaps. Wikipedia, gender gap, outreach
15 Wikipedia: Hierarchize the editors' work, generating agreements with universities to create related courses and careers. Wikipedia, education, partnerships
16 Wikipedia: Generate a revenue system based on charging companies for displaying its logo on articles. Wikipedia, revenue
17 Wikipedia: Generate more influencers who promote Wikipedia. Wikipedia, outreach, influencers
18 Community: Greater emphasis on collaborators as "volunteers" and not just partners or editors. community, volunteers
19 Community: To strength self-perception as individuals/multitude, not only as an intelligent mass, but a powerful individual that integrates a powerful movement which defends and wants to be the safeguard of something as altruistic and constructive as shared knowledge. community, self perception
20 Community: To promote more fluid, intelligible and intuitive internal communication mechanisms for all (not only for long-time users). community, communication
21 Community: In a context almost exclusively focused on self-learning, there should be formative actions in/for the community, aimed at consolidating our "movement" essence, producing empathy and commitment to something that is nothing less than a cause. community, formation
22 Community: Wikipedia must take a quantitative and qualitative leap with an expanded base and multiplied by the new generations. It is not something that will occur either "naturally" or just with edit-a-thons, but with a deliberate policy that solves real problems of incorporation. community, outreach, policy
23 Community: Improve the internal communication of mailing lists. community, communication, mailing lists
24 Programs: If GLAM is established as a partner, Education should also be. GLAM, education, partnerships
25 Programs: Encourage activities with emphasis on quality rather than the amount of content generated. programs, quality
26 Programs: Analyze if any other project is needed and to relaunch the less-used ones. sister projects

Detailed notes (Optional)[edit]

  1. [A project] where guides, tutorials, "howto", 3D-printable designs, industrial methods, technical documents and patents in the public domain can be accommodated. Although these contents would be covered by Wikisource and Wikiversity, they are not focused on that subject, which has an enormous potential to transform the relations of production and work.