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General overview[edit]

On 27 August 2017, Wikimedia India conducted a movement strategy salon in Vijayawada titled "Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Salon" from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm including a tea break and lunch. The participants ranged from diverse communities as listed in the further sections. The salon was coordinated by Krishna Chaitanya Velaga, Member of the Executive Committee, Wikimedia India.


name of group Wikimedia India
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) in-person discussion
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 18


S.No Name Organization / Institute Position Notes
1 Krishna Chaitanya Velaga Wikimedia India Member of Executive Committee Salon coordinator
2 Koushik Avula Organizer
3 Javvaji Venkata Sai Sumanth Organizer
4 Col. Ashwin Baindur (retd.) Indian Army retired Colonel Remote attendance
5 Suswetha Kolluru Wikimedia India officiating Intern
6 Koluru Suresh Vasireeddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology Professor
Department of Computer Science Engineering
7 Rohith Rocharla Vasireeddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology Assistant Professor
Department of Science & Humanities
8 Krishna Alapati Make a Difference City Team Lead (Vijayawada)
9 Akhil Yadav Laka Make a Difference Finance Controller
10 Manasa Inampudi District 98, Toastmasters International former Area Director, Area E2
11 Lasya Madireddy District 98, Toastmasters International former District Finance Manager
12 Anant Katyayni District 98, Toastmasters International Division Director, Division F
13 Bhavani Shankar Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. Executive Manager, Research & Development
14 Harshitha Panga TEDxKLU Co-organizer
15 Jaishree Jaishankar TEDxKLU Co-organizer
16 Saifullah Google Developers Club Developer
17 Sripati Roy Koganti Swecha (NGO) Member of Executive Committee
18 Billa Nikhil Indian Institute of Information Technology for Design & Manufacturing Project Lead


Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Question key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires tradeoffs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

Group 1[edit]

Members (L to R): Sripati Roy, Anant Katyayni, Saifullah
Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Statement summary Keyword(s)
1 2 4 Wikimedia should invest more on research on technology advancement including development of super computers, dedicated E-book readers, text-to-speech audio devices to enable the user to listen to the articles etc. investment, techonlogy
2 2 4 Attention must be given to bots that can develop Wikipedia articles from the structured machine readable Wikidata articles bots, Wikidata
3 2 4 Research on data storage techniques (offline Wikipedia); work on creating technology that can store terabytes on information on a chip as small as the size of hair technology, research, offline
4 2 4 Develop projects that document new data types such as experimental data, sensory experiences etc. data, bionic, technology
5 5 5 Partner with universities, research firms, patenting organizations, government data bases etc. to create well knitted knowledge ecosystem collaboration
6 5 4 Invest on creating an own independent network of information technology infrastructure and data retrieval and archival technologies investment, data, archiving
7 2 4 Work on machine translation tools; consistently translated data is to be made available in all the languages at the same time machines, translation
8 4 4 Develop OCR modules to digitize ancient sources of information OCR, digitization
9 5 5 Partner with other open access initiatives at local and national level partnerships, open access

Group 2[edit]

Members (L to R): Akhil Yadav, Jaishree Jaishankar, Suswetha Kolluru, Manasa Inampudi
Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Statement summary Keyword(s)
1 5 2 Compared to the rest, when attended this theme, it create inclusive communities by employing advancing technologies by evolving in a global movement relative, inclusive
2 5 5 Partner with leading data repositories like YouTube, Flickr etc. partnership, YouTube
3 1 4 Employ unique ways to spread the Wikimedia movement such as Commercial TV and YouTube video ads reach, adverstising

Group 3[edit]

Members (L to R): Lasya Madireddy, Bhavani Shankar, Kolluru Suresh
Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Statement summary Keyword(s)
1 4 4 Add trust score to articles; obtained from readers trust, reliability
2 4 4 Integrate with social media platforms to gather user opinions related to a article social media, integration
3 4 4 Make it mandatory to cite a source; page must not accept the submission unless a source is cited citation, sources, mandatory
4 4 5 Provisions to be made to the editors access to data and information repositories such as national archives, libraries etc.; WMF must collaborate with them access, data, information, editors
5 4 4 Create a physical library of books upon the request of editors after a community endorsement; books collected such way may be made available to potential Wikimedians upon request in digital or physical form physical library, repository, book sources
6 1 4 Concentrate on communities that have zero awareness about Wikipedia and its sister projects; such as north-eastern states in India outreach, north-east India
7 1 4 Not only Wikipedia edit-a-thons, efforts to conduct workshops for other projects must be given importance projects, outreach

Group 4[edit]

Members (L to R): Billa Nikhil, Harshitha Panga, Rohith Rocharla, Krishna Alapati
Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Statement summary Keyword(s)
1 2 5 Partner with companies and institutions working on technology advancement such as Intel, MIT, Google, Microsoft; approach them on the way of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) partnerships, advancement, technology
2 4 4 Hire consultant experts for various fields to review the information experts, hiring, consultation, reliable
3 3 4 Develop devices such as e-book readers to read and edit Wikipedia; provide them at break-even price; these devices must be able to provide Wikipedia offline devices, offline
4 1 4 Work on creating online tutorials explaining the policies of Wikimedia projects, editing tools etc. tutorials, editing
5 4 4 Encourage scholars from educational establishments to review the articles; providing them certificates would motivate them to do so trust, scholars, encourage
6 1 5 Conduct workshops in educational institutions to improve student involvement in the Wikimedia movement students


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