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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Wikimedia Israel discussion

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name of group Wikimedia Israel
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Tel-Aviv, Israel
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) in-person discussion
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 31 (16 women, 15 men)



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The first column (after the line number) should be a single sentence. The second column should be a comma-separated list of keywords about that sentence, and so on. Taken together, all the sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 In order to expand cooperation in the field of education, it is important that the Academy recognize the contribution of lecturers to Wikipedia as one of the criteria for evaluation of advancement and tenure Wikipedia, Cooperation, Academia, Education
2 As part of the cooperation between Wikipedia and academia, the process should be made much more accessible to lecturers in order to encourage cooperation Wikipedia, Cooperation, Academia
3 We need to try and expand cooperation between us and the educational institutions, even before the academy, so that when the students reach the academy, they will already be experienced cooperation, education
4 By 2030, we must ensure that Wikipedia is based on reliable sources Wikipedia, sources, reliable
5 It is possible that in five years' time, articles will not be written by human editors, but in a computerized form Articles, Editors, Computers
6 We need to think about ways in which people with disabilities can contribute more People, Disabilities, Contribute
7 We need to make wikipedia the "hub" of all knowledge Hub, knowledge
8 It is important to try to work together with disadvantaged groups, and to create additional collaborations in this manner Disadvantaged-groups, Collaborate
9 We need to protect different languages at risk in Wikipedia. Such as Yiddish and Ladino Languages at risk, Yiddish, Ladino
10 Wikipedia should be an enjoyable learning space, a place for creating knowledge and communication between different groups, which will begin in high school Wikipedia, Learning-space, Knowledge, Communication
11 The academic world is miserly in sharing its knowledge. We Should think how to give credit to experts who contribute to Wikipedia in their core knowledge Wikipedia, Contribute, Academia
12 Regarding to academia: the main contribution that experts can make in their professional knowledge is not necessarily in the niche in which they study, but in their ability to look in general Academia, Experts, Contribution
13 We must be careful not to spread beyond our capabilities and beyond our resources Spread, Capabilities, Resources
14 We need to think about how we create a system that respects diverse approaches Respect, Diverse-approaches
15 It is worthwhile to consider adding additional content to articles other than information and pictures, such as various testimonies Wikipedia, Additional-content, Testimonies
16 It is important to expand and intensify the link between the various projects of Wikimedia Wikimedia, Projects, Link
17 Wikimedia is based on volunteer editors. It is very important to promote a courteous attitude toward users, and try to reduce aggression Behaviors Wikimedia, Editors, Courteous-attitude, Aggression Behaviors
18 It is necessary to strengthen the cohesion of the community, also by strengthening the personal connection (through face-to-face meetings) community, cohesion, meetings
19 It is worthwhile to encourage personal connections between members of the community, based on common interests Personal-connections, Community
20 We need to break the white hegemony currently in Wikipedia. We must act to reach audiences such as prisoners, refugees, Bedouin women, and other disadvantaged communities Wikipedia, White-hegemony, Disadvantaged-communities
21 Wikipedia has grown on the basis of providing free information to the public. Now we are in a period of information overload. Wikipedia may have to reinvent itself as a source of quality information, which will be reflected in a closer link to the education system Wikipedia, Free-information, Quality-information, Education
22 In order to increase the number of articles in areas where there is a shortage, we must work with external bodies dealing with these areas Wikipedia, Articles, External-bodies
23 Emphasis should be placed on articles dealing with local issues, at the expense of articles dealing with universal issues Wikipedia, Local-issues, Universal-issues
24 Bridging the knowledge gaps requires strengthening the connection with educational institutions and academia knowledge-gaps, Educational-institutions, Academia
25 Regarding the cooperation with educational institutions: we need more experts to assist in the process, as well as a more comprehensive training process for teachers, possibly as part of teachers' seminars (Consensus) Cooperation, Educational-institutions, Teachers
26 There is a need to increase cooperation between languages. Maybe create a translation project to locate required domains that allows translation by language Cooperation, Languages, Translation
27 The direction in which the world progresses is automation. we need to focus on better translation software. Translation, Automation
28 Regarding the previous statement: We are not a translation organization. Our goal is to create content. We do not need to submit it to other languages beyond our languages Translation, Content
29 There are differences of opinion between the emphasis on the quantity of articles, and an emphasis on the quality of articles. There is a claim that the quantity will eventually win - that is the meaning of making all information available Quantity, Quality
30 Our goal should be the dissemination of Wikipedia culture - through local guidance and guidance of people who create content Wikipedia, Culture, Dissemination
31 Accessibility needs to be extended, including to communities with disabilities (vision, hearing, etc.) Accessibility, communities, disabilities
32 Regarding the previous statement: We are not here to make the information available to all the different languages - we are here to bring information, and that is it. In addition, an emphasis on accessibility may lead to the spillover from the project's original purpose Accessibility, communities
33 Regarding the 2 previous statement: The basic question is whether we are dealing with the creation of a better world, or the expansion of knowledge alone. On the basis of this answer, our conduct depends Accessibility, communities
34 Without an emphasis on reliable information, Wikipedia has no meaning. It is the facts that determine, and what the majority thinks is irrelevant Wikipedia, Reliable information, Facts, Majority-opinion
35 The movement has a historic role to play as an active factor in the struggle against people who deny or distort the facts (fake-news). This is done by uncompromising adherence to the importance of the facts. Wikimedia, Fake-news, Facts
36 Instead of the existing model of Wikipedia, as an encyclopaedia with many different fields of knowledge, Wikipedia may need to be separated into into knowledge domains, where each community will engage in an individual field of knowledge, and develop professionalism in it. Wikipedia, Fields of knowledge, Separate
37 We should adopt the model of striving for consensus, as is done in the English Wikipedia Consensus, Wikipedia
38 In many cases there are different and contradictory views. In such cases, our goal should be to try to reflect these positions on all sides Different-views, Reflect
39 The purity of information must be preserved within Wikimedia, on Wikipedia as well as on other projects Wikimedia, Purity of information
40 The purity of information also applies to images. It is important to keep accurate data about the various images Purity of information, Images
41 As part of our cooperation with external partners, it's important to avoid paying for content, as it conflicts with the goals of our movement Cooperation, External partners, Paid-content
42 The wikimedia Foundation should allow the various wiki-projects wide latitude as possible WMF, Wiki-projects, Latitude
43 We need to think about how to cooperate with external partners, without distorting the content created in this framework Cooperate, External-partners, Distorting, Content
44 We need to think about expanding our cooperation with external partners, while maintaining the purity of facts and information. Cooperate, External-partners, Purity of facts
45 To ensure the continued technological compatibility of the movement, we should consider cooperation with groups and organizations of programmers Technology, Compatibility, Cooperation, Programmers
46 As an organization based on volunteers, in order to expand the activity and move to new areas, there are cases in which external assistance must be used for payment Volunteers, Expand, Payment
47 The cooperation between the volunteers and the external organization that works for a fee, makes the difference, and produces effective results Cooperation, Volunteers, External-organization

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