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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Updates/5 May 2017 - Update 15 on Wikimedia movement strategy process

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Message from Katherine Maher[edit]

This message, "May 5: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#15)", was sent by Katherine Maher on 5 May 2017.

Hi all,

Summary: The report from cycle 1 discussion is online. The start of cycle 2 is delayed until next week.

Thank you for your contributions! We have been hard at work reading, sorting, and summarizing more than 1,800 community member statements, from more than 100 community discussions from across five continents. Each of these statements was a response to the question: "What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?" 

You can find the full report on the major themes, and more details about them, in a summarized report on Meta-Wiki.

Some common themes emerged from these conversations:

  • Reliable, neutral, high-quality content
  • Community health & support
  • Internal & external collaboration
  • Improved and new features
  • Users, editors, & contributors
  • Outreach, awareness, & promotion
  • Innovation and adaptation
  • Funding, staffing, and other organizational needs
  • Support for emerging communities
  • Advancing Wikipedia in education
  • Movement values
  • Sustainability & growth

Each of these themes is described in more detail within the body of the report, and the full data spreadsheet from this analysis will be posted soon.

The movement strategy team has been working to group these themes together, so that we have a smaller number of concepts to consider in the next cycle. Because this work is important, we want to make sure the grouping and analysis are comprehensive and thoughtful. In order to make sure we can get it right, we’re delaying the start of cycle 2 discussions until next week.

As you probably know, the Turkish authorities blocked Wikipedia in Turkey this week. We’ve been working around the clock to understand the circumstances and respond appropriately, including appealing in Turkish court. We’re grateful to everyone who has reached out to offer us your thoughts and perspective. Government limitations on free knowledge are just one of the critical issues that have come up during the movement strategy process. As we confront these challenges in real time, it has been a reminder for me how important our work is, and how it has very real implications for people around the globe. Again, thank you.

Kendine iyi bak (Turkish translation: “Take care of yourself”),