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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/2019 Community Conversations/Revenue Streams

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Scoping format[edit]

What is your area of inquiry?[edit]

  • Goal (including time horizon)
  • Past experiences and current situation
  • Intrinsic constraints (and safeguards) and extrinsic constraints (externalities)
  • Fundraising/revenue opportunities
  • Implementation pathways
    • Required investments and capacity (knowledge, people, technology, structures)
    • Collaboration & coordination

What is the current situation?[edit]

In 2019, the Wikimedia movement is facing external challenges to its current revenue model, which primarily relies on a large number of donors giving small amounts through site banners. Simultaneously, the ambitious strategic direction for 2030 is calling for an increase in revenue for the movement beyond incremental growth. The convergence of these events requires us to look into revenue opportunities across the movement, and learn from different models that have been explored by Wikimedia organizations.


Why this scope?[edit]

  • Revenue Streams has more externalities than possibly other areas / working groups
  • The current funding is not enough now to achieve our vision and is, even more, less than enough in the future for the 2030 vision.
  • The necessary increase in revenue requires an expansion and diversification of revenue streams, and associated safeguards are needed to ensure the novel revenue streams are aligned with Wikimedia principles.
  • Not prescribing a structure of roles but describe the features necessary for revenue generation

Scoping questions[edit]

What are the key questions within the scope of the Working Group?[edit]


  • What ongoing revenue does the Wikimedia movement need by 2030 to accomplish its mission over the next 100 years?
  • What do we need to know about past generation and spending of revenue to determine the best way to reach our goal?
  • What internal and external factors affect our ability to reach our goal?
  • What are the lines that we should not cross while working towards our goal?
  • What revenue streams will enable us to reach our goal?
  • What capacities do we need to develop these revenue streams?
  • How do we take advantage of being a global movement with local presence to reach our goal?
  • How do we organize revenue generation and flow across the movement?