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Date and location[edit]

1st Meeting
Date 2019 September 7
Venue Rajbiraj-Rupani Road Main Street Rajbiraj
2nd Meeting
Date 2019 September 14
Venue Rajbiraj Municipality Hall

Participant List[edit]

S.N. List of Participants (1st Meeting) List of Participants (2nd Meeting)
Name - Name Designation
1 Pankaj Deo Volunteer Member Shambhu Prasad Yadav Mayor
2 Nilam Karn Volunteer Member Jay Narayan Mandal Ward Commissioner
3 Biplab Anand Volunteer Member Chandra Shekhar Chaudhary Ward Commissioner
4 Abhijeet Perwial Volunteer Member Sanjay Kumar Yadav Ward Commissioner
5 Akash Mahato Volunteer Member Manoj Kumar Yadav A. Chief Exectuive Officer
6 Bishal Sah Volunteer Member Uma Shankar Yadav Finance Officer
7 Aman Kumar Deo Volunteer Member Prafulla Shrestha Admin Officer
8 Sanjay Kumar Yadav Volunteer Member Satrudhan Das Accountant
9 Chandan Kumar Gupta Volunteer Member Jaya Ram Yadav Accountant
10 Sanjay Yadav Student Suresh Kumar Yadav IT Officer
11 Seema Shrestha Student Manish Kumar Karn IT Officer
12 Barsha Khadka Student Ashok Kumar Das Engineer
13 Pinki Chaudhary Student Satyajeev Singh Sub- Engineer
14 Nisha Chaudhary Student Prameshwar Yadav Librarian
15 Manish Kumar Das Student
16 Kiran Kumar Sah Volunteer Member
17 Abhishek Yadav Student
18 Bijay Chaurasia Volunteer Member
19 Tulsi Bhagat Volunteer Member

What happened[edit]

We have notified the community a week ago to participate in this event . We arranged the event at a convenient location, which can be accessed easily. We begin the Wikimedia Strategy Salon from 11 am by introducing Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects and Wikimedia 2030 Strategic Direction. There were some new faces at the event so we started the event smoothly.

Summary of the discussion points[edit]

First Meeting

We have chosen the topic ‘’Advocacy’’ to discuss with our community members in our first meeting.

Q. We are a content focused movement, why should we spend our time and energy on advocacy efforts?

  1. It matters for our movement to build a policy for the community as well as for the individual members that can impact a positive change.
  2. It is important for making the decision process more inclusive.
  3. It will help to build skills and confidence of the community members that in turn helpful for them in decision-making and addressing community norms.
  4. It is crucial for making sure that policies designed to benefit the community

Q. How can we ensure that the movement's advocacy efforts are not harming the neutrality of the content of Wikimedia projects?

  1. The active Wikipedia community members plays an essential role to check and balance the content of Wikimedia Projects.
  2. We have already framework of user rights groups (ie, Steward, Global Sysop, local administrator etc) which help us to maintain the neutrality of the contents.

Q. How do we engage the community at large in advocacy?

  1. Awareness regarding Advocacy through social media promotion and in person meetup
  2. We should discuss it on community platform and in outreach activities.

Second Meeting

We have chosen the topic ‘’Partnership’’ to discuss with the authority of Rajbiraj Municipality in our second meeting. We just want to let them know about our global movement, what we are doing and what is our mission. We initiated the session giving them information about Wikipedia and Wikimedia Projects, our previous work with the colleges and schools as well with one GLAM institution. After the overview about Wikipedia, we moved into the main strategic topic. The Salon participants were authorities and employees of Rajbiraj Municipality and they share their experience regarding Partnership. We are also thankful to city Mayor, who gave us his valuable time attending the whole session. Here below are the suggestions about how to do partnership with the organization locally?


  1. Find the organization with same goals or have interest in Open source information.
  2. Make an annual plan or specific projects needs before proposing it to government agencies or with any local organization.
  3. Recruit volunteers from different locality, it helps your community to grow as well as to reach wide number of peoples.
  4. Target the right people from the government entity to show your mission and goals.
  5. To make your voice heard efficiently, gain the legal status and build a good capable team.

Reflections from participants or partners[edit]

  • Rajbiraj Municipality will provide us old books and documents from their city library, which definitely help us to bring the Nepali Wikisource incubator project in near future. They will call/notify us after they done with their official process.

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