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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/2019 Community Conversations/Survey

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The Movement Strategy process started with discussions in 2017 which resulted in the creation of the Strategic Direction for Wikimedia Movement to become the support system for the whole free knowledge movement by 2030, and looking at the two priorities: knowledge equity and knowledge as a service. This direction continues to serve as a framework for the overall process.

In the current stage of Movement Strategy, we are rethinking the structures of our global movement in 9 key thematic areas. For each area, we have a working group established from movement volunteers, affiliate representatives and staff members who are driving the conversations. You are welcome to read more about the thematic areas and working groups here.

At the same time, we are eager to hear from a wider range of diverse voices throughout and beyond the movement. We are eager to hear from you! That is why we are hosting community conversations on a wider range of platforms from online discussions to in-person events, this survey being just one part of the ongoing discussions. You can learn more about the community conversations here.

To get going with the survey, please click on this link to get prompted to the survey. There you can choose the thematic areas of your interest and answer 3-4 open-ended questions about each topic. You can read more about the survey concept and methodology here.

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