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Advocacy hub[edit]

movement is exchanging ideas and experiences -> there is space and rules for engaging in conversation -> there is equity of access and streamlining of results

R5: Movement advocacy efforts are streamlined and reinforced by a hub, run with and for current and future advocates[edit]


Community needs vary from place to place in the world. However, to serve and support this decentralised mesh of issues and advocacy initiatives, there needs to be a place that serves as a dispatch centre. Its role is to observe the issues different communities are occupied with, suggest people to connect over shared problems, identify people in the community that may help others and coordinate support when requested. Its role is not to replace or coordinate local advocacy activities but to enhance and support them with a mix of resources, knowledge, training, networking and identifying various opportunities (and future threats) that may not be as apparent on a local level.


The creation of a central, non-partisan but interconnected, movement advocacy hub that does not sit at, nor answer exclusively to, WMF, but is based on collaboration among advocates of the movement and the community as a whole.