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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Reports/Movement Strategy Playbook/Celebrate success. Make history together

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Celebrate success. Make history together
A participant reads out something written on sticky notes in front of several others. He has a microphone in one hand and a pen in the other. Everyone is wearing lanyards and smiling.
East Africa Strategy Summit 2019 in Kampala, Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy

Some of what we heard from Movement Strategy participants, in terms of how it impacted them:

  • “We’ve made history by this being such a radically open and participatory process.”
  • “As a Strategy Liaison, I think Movement Strategy has achieved a major milestone.”
  • “We were able to admit our own mistakes and adjust and course correct.”
  • “The working group model is a pilot we can use for future collaboration efforts across the movement.”
  • “The amount that I have learned on this job outweighs any of the challenges and struggles.”
  • “I think if we had really thought it through,“can we do strategy this way?”, the answer would probably have been: no. But we did it anyway. The same is true of Wikipedia itself. If Wikipedia had been planned from the beginning, people would have said: ‘it's not possible.’ It doesn't work in theory, but it DOES work in practice.”
  • “I am especially proud of inclusion and my work in working with underrepresented and marginalized communities, including women and LGBT+ voices that have been left out due to systematic bias. Being able to support them to have equal opportunity to provide their inputs to shape our movement strategy has been one of the best accomplishments of this project.”
  • “If we can include the missing voices, it positively impacts the entire process.”
Katherine Maher at Conference Wiki Indaba 2018 - Tunis (16-18 March 2018)

Tools and examples for celebrating success[edit]

Do you have tools, methods or ideas that you, your community or organization use for this? Add them to this section for others to see.