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Connect the dots
East African Strategy Summit 2019 in Kampala, Wikimedia 2030, Movement Strategy

Weave related initiatives and threads into a single narrative that makes sense for participants. What feels “separate” for some may not feel separate for others. Many Movement Strategy participants spoke to this challenge of “parallel processes,” or multiple threads. The boundaries or dividing lines between various initiatives or pieces of work are not always clear for people paying different levels of attention.

Some of the participants we spoke with were frustrated about the perceived overlap between Movement Strategy and other community consultations and initiatives, like Branding or the Universal Code of Conduct. They felt that this undermined trust and created confusion.

  • “It has been confusing to have these parallel processes going on at the same time. The community isn’t seeing the difference between the processes, and it gets messy.”
  • “What would have helped would have been better communication. eg, ‘Branding is going to fork here.’ Certain processes need to be intertwined or sequenced in a way that makes sense.”
  • “Some of our working groups worked for four years. We thought we had an understanding of how, together, we would develop the background needed to get us to 2030. But: then there was this other rogue process that was also a part of movement strategy, and that was branding."
  • This de-legitimized the process in the eyes of many community members who do not really differentiate between the various processes ‘coming from’ the WMF (even where ‘coming from’ only means supported by).”
  • “It took the wind out of the sails of the working groups. The fear is that we've done all of this work now -- so what might be the next thing that ‘goes rogue?’"

Tools and examples for connecting the dots between projects[edit]

Do you have tools, methods or ideas that you, your community or organization use for this? Add them to this section for others to see.