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Writers will undertake the sense-making and synthesis of the 89 recommendations developed by the 9 thematic area working groups into one coherent set, and finalize the main content of the Movement Strategy end product. In the process of drafting principles and synthesizing recommendations, writers will also take incoming information from connectors, such new and existing conversations with the movement, research, and feasibility assessments into account. Writers will use the overlaps that have been identified in the recommendations to synthesize multiple recommendations and outline where changes could be made that would address these.

Ideally, in this group, there would need to be a broad variety of members of the dissolved 9 thematic Working Groups. The goal would be to keep the writing group relatively small to allow for a focused and effective workflow. This needs to be balanced with the need to ensure diverse voices and perspectives are represented. This aspect can be further elaborated through engagement with "reviewers".

Liste over medlemmer

Navn Organization / project Tidligere arbejdsgruppe Geografi
Anna Mazgal Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU Advocacy Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe
Mohsen Salek Iranian Wikimedians User Group Advocacy Vestasien
Jeffrey Keefer Wiki LGBT+ User Group; Wikimedia NYC Capacity Building Northern America, Western Europe
Nicola Zeuner Wikimedia Deutschland Capacity Building Centraleuropa
Amir Aharoni Frivillig Mangfoldighed North America, Western Asia, Central and Eastern Europe
Marc Miquel-Ribé Amical Wikimedia Mangfoldighed Vesteuropa
SusunW Kvinder i rødt Mangfoldighed North America, Latin America & the Caribbean
Abhinav Srivastava Wikimedia India Partnerskaber Sydasien
Alek Tarkowski Creative Commons, Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation Partnerskaber Central and Eastern Europe
Gergő Tisza MediaWiki developer community Produkter og teknologier Central and Eastern Europe
Matanya Moses Meta-Wiki, Hebrew Wikipedia Produkter og teknologier Vestasien
Daria Cybulska Wikimedia UK Resource Allocation Vesteuropa
Anna Torres Wikimedia Argentina Roller og ansvar Latinamerika
Claudia Garád Wikimedia Österreich Roller og ansvar Central europa og østeuropa
Margeigh Novotny Wikimedia Foundation Roller og ansvar Northern America, Oceania