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The next set of Global Conversations focusing on implementing the (Interim) Global Council took place on January 23 and 24. Check the summary of the previous conversations on this topic, as well as report of the event.

कहाँ & कब
कार्यक्रम का दूसरा चरण ५ दिसंबर (१०:०० से १४:०० यूटीसी) समय और ६ दिसंबर (१८:०० से २१:०० यूटीसी) समय होगा। कृपया इस फॉर्म को भरें। हम आपको घटना से पहले ईमेल के माध्यम से घटना (ज़ूम कनेक्शन, पासवर्ड) के विवरण के बारे में सूचित करेंगे। Registration closed on January 22. हम आपको विवरण (ज़ूम लिंक, पासवर्ड) ईमेल के माध्यम से घटना से कुछ समय पहले सूचित करेंगे।

भागीदारी का समर्थन
We are working on ways to make this event more accessible for your participation: In the registration form, you can ask for a data upgrade package or childcare reimbursement. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.
Feel free to join the Telegram group and/or the Wikimedia Chat (on Mattermost) to socialize with other participants!

If you need to contact the organizing team, please write an email to strategy2030(_AT_)wikimedia.org

Follow-up calls
Besides the events on January 23 + 24 focusing on the implementation of the (Interim) Global Council, there have been more calls on the other prioritized initiatives. Please check the initiative pages and events summary for further details:
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