Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 1/Diversity

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There are 12 draft recommendations by the Diversity Working Group:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Content Diversity Metrics and Guidelines
  3. Digitization and Resource Prioritization for Marginalized Groups
  4. Adopting Body Quotas for All Governing Bodies
  5. Identifying the Wikimedia Editing and Community Diversity Barriers in Each Country and Introduce Them in Wikidata
  6. Parameterized User Pages for Encouraging and Measuring Community Diversity
  7. Ombudsperson / Community-WMF Liaison
  8. Resource Allocation for Securing Diversity in International Collaborations
  9. Terms of Use/Licensing Policy
  10. Wikioral, a Project with Voice Recordings
  11. Creating a Wikipedia Diversity Newsletter
  12. Language diversity
  13. Develop Different Policies for Notability and Reliable Sources