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These are links for priority topics from the English Wikipedia list of 10,000 articles that each Wikipedia should have (cf. the global List of articles every Wikipedia should have).


You may want to prioritize topics based on pageviews topics have attracted this year. Please note that it takes time to generate this data and may also load your browser capacity for a while. DO NOT open all these links at a time. Once opened, you may want to store the data offline in CSV format.

Most linked articles across languages[edit]

These topics are filtered based on the following creteria:

  • Not existing in local language Wikipedia
  • But exists in more or less 50 other language Wikipedias
  • Sorted by topics with most number of internal links in English Wikipedia

By following this approach, we can try to filter possible western bias and prioritize based on articles that can have high potential to be linked within Wikipedia. Please note that this is a dynamic list which keeps updating as new articles are created in your language Wikipedia.

How to generate this list for your Wikipedia?

  • Go to "Wikidata" tab in Petscan and change the "Has none of these site links" field to your language. Example: tawiki for Tamil Wikipedia. pawiki for Punjabi Wikipedia.
  • If you want to change the weightage of articles existing in other languages, go to the "Wikidata" tab in Petscan and change the "Minimum number of sitelinks". You may want to change this if you want to generate a shorter or longer list based on existing articles in your Wikipedia. A list of around ~200 articles may be a good list to motivate the community to work on fixing that gap.


Priority topics for Bengali Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Gujarati Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Hindi Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Kannada Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Malayalam Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Marathi Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Odia Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Punjabi Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Sanskrit Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Tamil WIkipedia about


Priority topics for Telugu Wikipedia about


Priority topics for Urdu Wikipedia about