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Here is a proposal to suggest some potential articles those need to be in every Wikipedias in India in particular and Indian subcontinent at large. The idea is to generate a long term wish list by community consensus. Special focus is on educational needs of a common school / college student or a common man from India / South Asia who uses Wikimedia content as a reference to enrich his/her day to day knowledge.

Choosing a theme and its item members on such a list may include topics of long term value. They will be of a rather finite count in tens or hundreds so that each stakeholder Wikipedia can feel having a repository that is fully saturated. (For eg: all elements appearing in the periodical table of chemical elements or all persons who have received a Nobel prize up to now). These are of finite count and long-term knowledge value.

My proposal is to build-up a large list that can be further subdivided into smaller ones on a priority chosen by community consensus and used as material for ediatathons, contests and theme based on-line events.


  1. Such lists will have a direct impact upon fulfilled Wikidata collections. Those who wish to concentrate on Wikidata content development can take away these article set as a more reliable and cross-checking input.
  2. Interwiki translations will be much more easy and effective.
  3. Citations and templates can be reused and cross-verified.
  4. Queries based on Wikimedia content will be more reliable.
  5. Newly joining Wikipedia editors can adapt one of such category and use them as model articles to create and expand articles on their own. Others can help them much more effectively and objectively.
  6. Many of such topics are already part of greater Wikipedia Wish lists such as the most vital 1000 or 10000 articles every Wikipedia must have. This way, we can accomplish fulfilling multiple Wikimedia targets.

Themes suggested[edit]

This is only a start up sample list. Please add any more suggestions you deem fit to this list.
Please endorse your Support or Oppose options against each one below. I shall try to build up precise lists of articles in each such themes as a sub page here or on a fresh path.


List of all chemical elements[edit]

List of metals and minerals[edit]

List of chemical compounds[edit]

of industrial importance=[edit]

farming and agriculture[edit]

List of Elementary particles[edit]

List of Important laws of Physics[edit]

List of Nobel prize winner in Chemistry[edit]

List of Nobel prize winner in Physics[edit]

List of Nobel prize winner in medicine[edit]


(Please expand this list)


Empires, emperors and Dynasties[edit]

Kushan empire[edit]

Mugal empire[edit]

Khilji empire[edit]

Chola dynasty[edit]

Wars and battles[edit]

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List of all nations[edit]

List of all mountains[edit]

List of Mountains in Asia above 5000mt[edit]

  1. Support Support Sumita Roy Dutta (talk) 13:14, 22 March 2018 (UTC)

List of all rivers[edit]

Wildlife of India[edit]

List of birds of India[edit]

India - Administration[edit]

List of all states[edit]

List of all official languages[edit]

List of all Loksabha constituencies[edit]

List of all prime ministers[edit]

List of all presidents[edit]

India - Biographies[edit]

List of all GyanpeeTh laureates[edit]

List of all Filmfare award winners[edit]

List of National / international Sports winners[edit]

List of sahitya academy Winners[edit]

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India - Institutions[edit]

List of all IITs[edit]

List of universities[edit]

List of research institutions of national importants[edit]

List of NITs[edit]

List of institutions in medical education[edit]

India - Infrastructure[edit]

List of all national Highways[edit]

List of all airports[edit]

List of dams[edit]


List of Musical Instruments[edit]

List of Hinsustani and Karnatic Ragas[edit]

List of Best Selling Artist of All Time[edit]

Best Sellling Albums Of All Time[edit]

List of cbse schools in Tamil Nadu[edit]

list of government cbse schools in tamilnadu[edit]

list of government cbse schools in india[edit]

List of cbse schools in India[edit]


Classical Dance forms of India[edit]