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Migrate to global user page

request done:
TFlanagan-WMF (global account · recent activity · user pages)
  • go to user:TFlanagan-WMF on every wiki (except on metawiki)
  • and delete the page.
request_user = u'TFlanagan-WMF',
request_titles = [u'user:TFlanagan-WMF'],
request_action = lambda bot: bot.delete(),
skip_existing = False,
skip_new = True,
skip_unregistered = False,
skip_wikis = ['metawiki'],
only_wikis = [],
delete_summary = None,
edit_summary = None,

Tighe Flanagan (WMF) (talk) 03:35, 23 February 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Done! 8 user pages were deleted.
The following log shows what the bot did on each wiki. You can click the columns to sort the log.
timewikilogged action
04:49ar.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49bd.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49br.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49commons.wikimedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 8053 bytes).
04:49dk.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49fi.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49incubator.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49www.mediawiki.orgdeleted (was 231 bytes).
04:49meta.wikimedia.orgskipped (in skip list).
04:49nl.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49no.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49nyc.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49outreach.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49pl.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49se.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49species.wikimedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49test2.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 6 bytes).
04:49af.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49als.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49ar.wikipedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 52 bytes).
04:49ar.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49en.wikibooks.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49ca.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49cbk-zam.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49ckb.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49cs.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49da.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49www.wikidata.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49de.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:49el.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50en.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 1583 bytes).
04:50es.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50et.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50fa.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50fr.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50gu.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50he.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50hy.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50id.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50it.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50km.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ko.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ku.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50wikimania2013.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 176 bytes).
04:50wikimania2014.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 37 bytes).
04:50wikimania2015.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 37 bytes).
04:50ne.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ar.wikinews.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50en.wikinews.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50nl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50no.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50pl.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50pt.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ar.wikiquote.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50en.wikiquote.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50rm.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ru.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50se.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ar.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50en.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50he.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50ml.wikisource.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50sr.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50sv.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:50sw.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51th.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51tr.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51uk.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51ar.wikiversity.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51en.wikiversity.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51vi.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51en.wikivoyage.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51war.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51yo.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51zh.wikipedia.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51ar.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51en.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51fr.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51pl.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
04:51sr.wiktionary.orgskipped (no such page).
Pathoschild 05:02, 26 February 2015 (UTC)