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  • 2012-01 Table of contents | Community vote | Recommendation based in a inaccurate survey | An alternative analysis of fundraising effectiveness | Cost of international transfers | Getting down to it | Wikimedia Foundation sites | Recommendation 4 | Comment moved from content page | Christophe Henner - Drop the data, focus on the issues | Context- Flawed and one-sided | Ideas on global accountability | Response from Chris Keating (The Land) | Dependence and sustainability | What's a better solution? | 2011 Fundraising targets | Schedule | Far from everything | Recommendation 2 | And if we shouldn’t search maximum efficiency? | So what | Question flowchart -- design questions for various scenarios | Wikimedia Foundation has been *unable* to find any evidence | Diversity is Strength | A pretty picture | Wikimedia UK - gross misrepresentation | No more payment processing greatly removes privacy and security risks - a false dichotomy | Iron law of oligarchy | The best path to independence | Schade einklich, | Italy | Questions from a Board member | Thanks Maggie, and a proposal for moving the pros-and-cons of chapters payment processing | Recommendation 1 | Just a short note from Wikimedia Germany | My own recommendations | Do chapters want non-monetary support from the Wikimedia Foundation? | recommendation #1 | Two fundamental questions | - separate the server operation from the Funds Allocation | Short term v Long term | Facilitation | Tax deductability | I've watched this for a while. Here are my thoughts
  • 2012-02 Recommendation 3 is unclear | Proposals for funds allocation | Overheads with Global Collect? | Personal view on why I believe this is important | Funds should be distributed in ways that support mission work, agnostic with regard to where the money was raised | Countries with low fundraising potential | It's not just about the money | A question for chapters that aspire to payment-process | monopoly positions by chapters | What resources Wikimedians want