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Si us plau, traieu frases com "Nosaltres estem altament interessats en que el nivell cultural dels espanyols pugi", que l'únic que faran és dificultar la creació del chapter. També revisaria l'últim apartat, crec que el millor és no desviar-se del tema i no treure les seleccions, ni res que no sigui de la wikipedia. No tenen perquè haver-hi d'entrada conflictes amb alguna cosa que ni tan sols existeix, i l'esperit que hauríem de tenir és que ambdós (CAT i ES) farem un esforç per promoure que la cultura estigui a l'abast de tothom [i deixem de banda el que probablement pugui passar]. --Meldor 07:03, 23 February 2009 (UTC) El problema ja ha estat corregit. --Meldor 14:18, 24 February 2009 (UTC)[]

Tu mateix, això és un viqui. --Vriullop 07:39, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
Fet! Si no us agrada, retoqueu el que cregueu. --Meldor 08:31, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
Crec que hauria de ser "Wikimedia en català", "Wikimedia in Catalan" o "Viquimèdia en català". --Joanot 08:54, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
Hi estic d'acord. Ja en el mateix títol posa Wikimedia en català.--KRLS 09:40, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
He modificat lleugerament el logotip. --Joanot 09:51, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
He modificat també lleugerament el text. --Joanot 10:36, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]

No estic convençut de que "Associació d'Amics de la Viquipèdia" es correspongui amb "Wikipedia in Catalan Friends Association", però no ho sé traduir gaire. De totes maneres, potser s'entén millor "Friends of Catalan Wikipedia Association", o "Friends of Viquipèdia Association". --Meldor 19:09, 24 February 2009 (UTC)[]


In the section where you describe the relation with a Chapter Spain, you state they when Wikimedia Spain is mentioned. Do you not see yourself as a part of Wikimedia Spain, ie instead of writing them it shooul be we? Aslo could you see this inittive as the prestep in a Wikiedma Spain, ie when you have been establiched you extend this to become an all Spain Chapter? Also I would like to know if you could reconssider the name and rename it Wikimedia Spain:Catalan isnstead?Anders Wennersten 11:22, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]

We have talked already about the possibility of making it into the Spain level. Altough main of us are Spaniard, there are also Italian, French and Andorranian persons interested in our proposal. Because of it, we mention non Catalan-speakers as they. We don't want to be a pre-chapter of a State, but other kind of chapter based in strong cultural and linguistic issues. Of course, if we could help other people to launch Wikimedia Spain, they can ask for us; but our main goal by now is this current proposal. --montxovs 12:14, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
You once againrefer to Spain as they. Are you not a mainly a region in Spain, are yo not Spanish citizen?Anders Wennersten 13:23, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
Yes, I'm a Spanish citizen, and as Spanish citizen I want to support this proposal. I have no interest about a State-based chapter by now, but supporting this proposal. --montxovs 13:30, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
Why are you not interested in the creation of a Wikimedia Spain, which could fit nicely in hte way chapters are set up and which could give your efforts full support?Anders Wennersten 13:37, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
I'm free to choose wich things I'm interested about :). Don't missunderstand me, but I don't like to support States if my culture and language aren't self-secured first. And, again, there are also Italian, Andorran and Frenchs Catalan-speaker people that couldn't be able to participate in a strictly Spanish association as full right members. --montxovs 13:39, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
You are of course free to have your own intrest and priorities. I was under the impression though, that you together with ChapCom wanted to fins possibslities to have an endorsed Catalan intitivee, and in this case how and when to start a Wikiemdia Spain is cruical. And if you are not interested to discuss this I propose we end this dialog. Anders Wennersten 13:50, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
As I've said at first, it could be great if I would help to launch Wikimedia Spain but, as you have said, my priority by now is in another way. If our language was only inside Spain, I think there wouldn't be any problem to call it as "Spain:Catalan" as you proposed, but our case is not only in Spain, but also in several states: France, Italy and Andorra. It's about an international chapter. I'm talking on my personal opinion, but if you want to find possibilities, please, send a formal proposal to our association. --montxovs 13:59, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
For a Wikiedma Ctalan to get endorsement you need as a starting point support for this from wikiemdia France, Wikimedia Italy and the as yet nonexistent Wikimedia Spain. I here end this attempt to start a discussion on the propsal you have send to ChapCom.Anders Wennersten
Well, I think that our own association is the actually starting point. We are working on projects of Wikimedia in Catalan in our own way in the "real life" since long time ago. I will forward to the association your personal opinion rejecting our proposal. Thank you very much for your attention. --montxovs 14:30, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]
Dear Anders, first of all I want to thank you a lot your interest in our proposal.
I don't see our organization as part of a future wikimedia Spain nor part of a present WM-FR nor WM-IT. I think we share same objectives than “them” but our priorities are different. (When I say “them” I mean the people joining WM-XX were XX is not CAT, although there can be people joining simultaneously two or three organizations).
Wikipedia is not a democracy, it works by consensus. We feel comfortable with it. But an association doesn’t work by consensus, the law imposes the democracy. Priorities of the majority of the members prevail above those of the minority.
What would be the priority language to promote, what would be the language to hold the meetings, what would be the place to meet? Our priority language is Catalan, the meetings and the documents are in Catalan, and we meet in Ceret or in Figures or in Valencia or in Andorra la Vella or in Palma but not in Madrid nor in Rome nor in Paris, we have to travel hundreds of km instead of thousands. The Italian guys don’t need to know Spanish to attend the meetings nor need the Spaniard guys to know French to attend the meetings.
I think that the best way to cooperate between people with complementary, but different, priorities is by an agreement between them or by an agreement between their associations not by joining the same association.
I am absolutely sure we will get support from WM-FR and WM-IT because I am sure we can explain “they-us” the advantages of having a specific allied in areas with specific particularities, as well as we will give support to WM-SP if “they-us” decide to apply for a local chapter. Please don’t ask us to get support from a not yet existing chapter. We can do miracles very fast but for impossible things we need a little bit more of time. --Gomà 16:58, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]

Local chapter[edit]

Un cop estigui més o menys definitiu, potser ens podríem afegir ja a la secció de Local Chapters "planned chapters". --Meldor 17:45, 23 February 2009 (UTC)[]

Yes check.svg Done after more than one month without any additional comment: Planned chapters --Gomà 22:42, 5 April 2009 (UTC)[]
From local chapters FAQ:
Are chapters based on language or geography?
Chapters are based on geography, though this does not exclude people outside of a particular area from joining a chapter of their choice, depending on their language and affinity. In countries where there are several official languages, the local chapter should not be based on only one language, but include interested people from the different official languages.
The proposed local chapter doesn't fit on this, as it will be a catalan-only chapter which is also not territory-based. Unless regulations for being a chapter change by the foundation, they should not be considered one. Felipealvarez 16:18, 6 May 2009 (UTC)[]

The proposal is based on geography as it addresses a perfectly defined geographic area and is anchored in the territory by its jurisdiction. The only official language in our headquarters country (Andorra) is Catalan. We will contribute mainly to support and promote Catalan projects because this is the language we know, but also to promote contents related to Catalan language and culture in all other projects. This is normal, French chapter mainly promote francophone projects, Italian chapter Italian, and so on, no matter how many official languages are in the country.

Strictly reading the rules we fit perfectly. The "special" situation comes from two particularities: we spread along 4 countries instead of a single one and we overlap in territory already served by WM-FR and WM-IT.

There are other chapters already approved not coincident with political country borders like MW-NY. Until now nobody from WM-FR nor from WM-IT has expressed any complain against our activities in “their” territories nor any objection to our proposal.

But above all, the main question is: Is this proposal a positive contribution to the global project? If yes, this is a free, open, wiki, project, and if the rules constrain you to go ahead, just break them. If not, we immediately withdraw our proposal.

Just a sample: We have agreed the release in free licensing a book about history of Catalan language in Alghero written by one of the most prestigious professors of Romanic languages in the university of Calgary (Sardinia). And we are negotiating a permanent agreement to cooperate and free licensing of the full content of the Archive of Catalan Traditions of Alghero. This is in line with the long term strategic actions of WM-IT: Establish permanent cooperation agreements with cultural institutions. But it is easier for us because we already have affiliated people in Alghero and WM-IT not. In fact a member of the board of WM-IT has communicated us the user names of people related to Alghero contributing in Italian projects and we have invited them to join our association.

Thanks a lot for your interest in our proposal. We will be happy to give you all other explanations or clarifications you should want.

--Gomà 11:26, 7 May 2009 (UTC)[]

The problem in not the overlapping, a Wikimedia Europe could exist, but the problem is the language exclusive appearance that your propose has. I understand that the chapter will be a one-language only one, but now that kind of chapters are not allowed. If you become Wikimedia Andorra you would be allowed to be a branch of Wikimedia only in Andorra country, not in the "Països Catalans" as you want to. There are other chapters that don't fit inside the country-based rule, but in geographic based one, in fact, WM-NY overlaps with WM-USA without any problem, but both aren't based in languages, the country-based is for legal questions, as a French legal non profit organization could be considered a profit-one in Italy. German, French and Italian Wikimedia promote all the languages present in the Wikimedia projects, not only German, French and Italian. It is also unclear what would be your relation with Associació d'amics de la Viquipèdia, who defines itself as a catalan speaking-only association. You should reformulate your proposal (and chapter name) in order to adequate to Wikimedia Chapter's rules or ask for changing the rules. Felipealvarez 10:58, 13 May 2009 (UTC) PS: I have no doubt that your association has made a great job for the open-source and knowledge movement, but sure that promoting linguistic exclusion should not be a goal of the Wikimedia foundation.[]
Our relation with Associació d’Amics de la Viquipèdia will be very clear: or the Associació become the chapter or the Associacio is dissolved as soon as the chapter starts. I am very happy you don’t see any problem in the overlapping territories nor in spreading over 4 countries. I wish there where many more open minded people like you. As we explain in the proposal we use the language to define the territory to avoid using “Països Catalans”. In some parts of Valencia this expression has political connotations. By using this name we want to set clearly that our aims are exclusively cultural. Our priority for Catalan language is perfectly parallel to those of existing chapters, for example Italian one. In fact if you review the activities of chapters (perhaps with the exception of Switzerland, and they say this is their worst headache) each chapter mainly promote one language. This doesn’t mean any kind of linguistic exclusion. Thanks again for your interest--Gomà 16:58, 13 May 2009 (UTC)[]
OK, but I suggest you change over from the proposed name of the Chapter Wikimedia in Català to another one less language-based. What about Wikimedia West Mediterranean, Wikimedia Catalan Mediterranean or Wikimedia for the Catalan Community?. Felipealvarez 11:29, 19 May 2009 (UTC)[]
I think that Wikimedia for the Catalan Community or Catalan Community Wikimedia or simply Catalan Wikimedia could be options to take into consideration. --Dvdgmz 16:29, 29 November 2009 (UTC)[]
Wikimedia CAT seems the best solution:
  • It follows the same pattern due to the same reasons as Wikimedia UK (the law doesn’t allow using the name of the country) and Wikimedia NY (The region doesn’t coincide with a country).
  • It clearly identifies the region because of the top level internet domain .CAT which is used there.
--Gomà 07:21, 7 February 2010 (UTC)[]
The sponsored TLD .CAT is defined at the ICANN aplication form as "intended for the Catalan Linguistic and Cultural Community", so it fits our purpose. --Vriullop 10:42, 7 February 2010 (UTC)[]

Official position of Wikimedia Italia[edit]

I copy paste the letter we sent to a representative of Wikimedia Catalonia and to the Chapters Committee. --Cruccone 11:53, 27 May 2009 (UTC)[]

Dear friends,

first of all forgive us for the delay in replying. As Associazione Wikimedia Italia (the Italian chapter) we take cognizance of and we do not oppose the creation of an association of Catalan language wikimedians, which potentially may become a new local Wikimedia chapter. Among the members of Wikimedia Italia there are already people of other nationalities, and this has never created any problem in the relationship with other national chapters, therefore we do not dissent on the possibility that Wikimedia Catalunya has Italian members, be them members of Wikimedia Italia or not. We understand your association will have its seat in Catalonia or Andorra, and that you're interested in organising in Italy, in the area of Catalan language and/or culture events etc. which are related to Wikimedia projects and to free culture. We think they are important projects, and we would appreciate if your bylaws contained a sentence saying that you're going to contact us for any event on the Italian territory; our Bylaws <> have a similar sentence at article 3 ("The association may take part in projects and meetings in Italy and other countries. However, no participation may happen without the agreement of the local association affiliated to Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., if present"). As regards the use of the trademarks, we would like to highlight that according to the current chapters agreement and within the limitations indicated by the same, this exclusively belongs to Wikimedia Italia within the territory of Italy, and that whatever other body has to obtain our explicit consensus in order to use them.

Best regards,

the Board of Wikimedia Italia

Thanks Cruccone. Just to say that we are discussing the inclusion in our bylaws of a sentence in this direction.--Gomà 10:51, 30 May 2009 (UTC)[]
Done. I hope this will fulfill your suggestions: Modified bylaws accordint to General Assembly 10-8-2009 (There is also another small change to fully cover the new licenses). --Gomà 12:28, 16 August 2009 (UTC)[]

Official Position Wikimedia France[edit]

On June the 4th 2009 Julien Fayolle, Vice-president of Wikimedia France, sent us a mail saying that the board of Wikimedia France had discussed the relation they should have with us and that they are very interested in working together in the Catalan speaking region of France. They offered to help by providing support letter, use of resources, notoriety in France, financing projects, etc.--Gomà 14:51, 16 August 2009 (UTC)[]

This is the mail received:

From: Julien Fayolle <julien.fayolle(_AT_)>
Date: 2009/6/4
Subject: Wikimedia Català et Wikimédia France
To: jrgoma(_AT_), 


le conseil d'administration de Wikimédia France a discuté des relations que nous devons entretenir avec Wikimedia Català.

Nous sommes très intéressés par travailler ensemble dans la région catalanophone de la France, mais les adhérents les plus proches sont à Montpellier et ne parlent pas catalan. Par contre nous pouvons vous fournir diverses aides : lettre de soutien, utilisation de réseaux (politique, bibliothèques), notoriété en France, financement de projets, etc.

Il faudrait que le conseil d'administration ou une personne du conseil (disons moi pour l'instant) soit informé de vos activités pour que nous puissions vous aider. J'ai lu qu'Alistair est la personne qui s'occupe des projets de Wikimedia Català en Pyrénées-Orientales c'est probablement lui qui est le mieux placé.

D'après ce que j'ai compris, Wikimedia Català ne sera jamais un chapitre reconnu par la Wikimedia Foundation parce que la politique actuelle est de prendre des chapitres sur des bases nationales (ou sous-nationales). Néanmoins, il existe une possibilité qu'une assemblée fédérale des chapters européen (en dehors de la Foundation) se mette en place et je pense que Wikimedia Català devrait y avoir sa place.

Est-ce que vous avez des contacts avec les Wikimédiens d'Euskadi qui semblent aussi organisés et actifs ? À quel droit est soumis l'Associació d'Amics de la viquipèdia (droit espagnol, andorran, français) ?

J'ai vu qu'il y avait une rencontre le 20 juin mais je ne crois pas que quelqu'un de Wikimédia France soit présent parce que nous n'avons pas d'adhérent dans la région. Par contre le conseil d'administration de Wikimédia France se réunit le week-end du 13-14 juin à Toulouse, un de vos membres pourrait venir discuter avec nous (le samedi soir il y a un barbecue, la journée nous travaillons).


Julien Fayolle
Vice-président de Wikimédia France


I've proof-read the text and made several modifications. It now reads a lot better. I'm concerned that you use the word "conflict" where you may mean something less harsh. Què hi vols dir exactament? I believe the word is too visceral for our purposes. - Espencat -- 13:27, 13 November 2009 (UTC)[]

It was written far before talking to WM-FR and WM-IT. The question was if there could be any problem because of working in the same territory. But after having contacted them it is clear that there won't be. This section could be erased. It seems to me that this was due to thinking from the point of view of standard organizations behavior but not a real possibility among wikimedia movement. If you promote wikimedia everywhere everybody see it as a help and thanks you.--Gomà 11:10, 14 November 2009 (UTC)[]


Comptem amb el suport de Wikimedia-França i Wikimedia-Itàlia, fa mesos que vam presentar la proposta, tenim estatus aprovats i l'associació porta temps funcionant. Hi ha alguna resposta des de Wikimedia de si està previst, o quan està previst, fer oficial aquest chapter? --Meldor 00:45, 6 January 2010 (UTC)[]

Translation into Spanish[edit]

Hi. There are translations of this page in Italian, French and English, but no Spanish. Why? Emijrp 19:35, 8 February 2010 (UTC)[]

I would assume because no one's translated it into Spanish yet. You can edit/Puedes editar. ;-) Cbrown1023 talk 00:01, 9 February 2010 (UTC)[]
Yep. This is a wiki. --Gomà 13:16, 9 February 2010 (UTC)[]

I know that this is a wiki. But I'm not a member of this chapter proposal, so I think that it was better a translation from an active member. Thanks for the translation! Emijrp 17:35, 9 February 2010 (UTC)[]

N.P. Catalan efficiency. We already assumed you where asking for a translation instead of asking why it wasn't yet translated. --Gomà 18:04, 9 February 2010 (UTC)[]


Bones a la pàgina de la proposta de Wikimedia CAT no s'explica com està el tema actualment, o no ho he trobat.--Ermengol Patalín 10:44, 6 May 2010 (UTC)[]

Estat del tema (moooooolt resumit):
  • El 22/02/2009 Es va enviar un mail al ChapCom anunciant que s'havia penjat aquesta pàgina.
  • El 16/03/2009 Mail del ChapCom dient que cal consultar Wikimedia França i Wikimedia Itàlia.
  • El 22/06/2009 Es rep la resposta oficial de Wikimedia Itàlia. Demanen que es faci una petita modificació als estatuts.
  • El 04/06/2009 Es rep la resposta oficial de Wikimedia França.
  • El 10/08/2009 Es fa la modificació als estatus demanada per Wikimedi Itàlia. Pendent de la aprovació de la Assemblea General.
  • El 20/08/2009 Es comunica al Chapcom que s'han complert els requistis i es demana que recomanin al Board la aprovació del Chapter.
  • El 03/10/2009 L'Assemblea General aprova la modificació dels estatuts.
  • El 09/01/2010 Es demana al Board que aprovin el Chapter.
  • El 20/04/2010 Es demana al Chapcom que ens comuniqui formalment la resolució.
--Gomà 11:46, 6 May 2010 (UTC)[]

I esperat que això va per llarg. Paciència.--Gomà 11:52, 6 May 2010 (UTC)[]

Merci pel resum! Llarg, vol dir que poden passar mesos per la resolució?--Ermengol Patalín 12:16, 6 May 2010 (UTC)[]
No hi ha de què. Per si de cas no ens hi capfiquem pas gaire i anem per feina encara que sigui amb una sabata i una espardenya. --Gomà 21:38, 6 May 2010 (UTC)[]


Any entity needs to have a seat and must be subject to some legislation. Even if the chapter is found on a supranational level it needs to be registered in some country. Are there any thoughts which country this would be?

Spain seems to be the most logical choice because most of the area is in Spain, but Andorra has the advantage that it avoids any conflicts with the "one territory - one chapter" policy of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The page has a FAQ that says:

Given that the territory where you serve contains a whole state, this would allow you to apply for a local chapter within the current scheme of one chapter - one state. So, why you don't apply for the Andorra local chapter?
Because we don’t want to generate any confusion. Our natural community is based around the area where Catalan is spoken. The cultural ties are so clear that working together is very practical for us. If we applied for Wikimedia Andorra we would work in exactly the same territory as now, with exactly the same people affiliated, but the name would no longer reflect reality.

There's no way to avoid choosing a seat. So why not take a seat in Andorra and call the chapter something along the lines of "Wikimedia CAT seated in Andorra" (which is shortened to "Wikimedia CAT" in everyday speech)? You can put some articles about "focus on Catalan speaking areas" or something like that in the chapter's constitution to make clear it's scope. --::Slomox:: >< 10:36, 27 September 2010 (UTC)[]

Hi Slomox. Thanks for your interest and your support. That is exactly what we are proposing. As you can see in article 3 of the proposed bylaws. Having the seat in Adorra has a lot of advantages compared to having it in Spain thats why there aready are Catalan cultural entities that do this way like Ramon Llull Foundation.--Gomà 12:49, 27 September 2010 (UTC)[]
Ah, thanks for the clarification. So what's stopping progress with WM CAT? Are there other unresolved issues or is it just lack of people pushing it forward? --::Slomox:: >< 14:43, 27 September 2010 (UTC)[]
Pehaps our way is not the faster one. Our style is work hard to promote wikimedia projects and get results. If they don't recognize us yet. Then work harder and get more and better results and so on. Sooner or later WMF will have to recognize that letting us wihout the tools a chapter has to promote the projects is a serious discrimination. Here you can find the activities done (Catalan to English Google translator provide quite understandable results) and that is nothing compared to what we are planning to do.--Gomà 19:17, 27 September 2010 (UTC)[]

Begin your Revolution![edit]

I am really sorry to see your effortz were worthless but you kan't expekt anything from the Board which iz a bunch of WASP with some puppetz intended to deceive and to fool all of uz, to make uz think they reprezent our planet'z diversity (will we ever see a Muslim there or a black person?). The Board is the sheer emanation of Kapitalizm, the worst evil on earth. You'll gain nothing by acting smoothly, theze guyz only care about money and power, actually they krave for it, there not interested in small languagez, just kountriz or regionz to bring them more money. So, don't act like kowardz anymore! You kan begin Revolution by cutting off the links with the other wikipedias and stopping all the bots but then the real Viktory will be if you kreate a Katalan Fundraising and make it obvious they're losing mighty sums of money! Repent, the end of Oligarky and Kapitalizm is near! NR-Key is the only way, KRN 22:14, 8 January 2011 (UTC)[]

Dear KRN I thank you your support but I can’t agree with you in any point. Our efforts are not worthless. Our goal is to grow the projects and we are succeeding. Having a chapter is a mean to reach the goal. Up to now we have managed to work in the disadvantaged position of not having a chapter yet but sooner or later we will have our. Personally I don’t think that capitalism is an evil. If I can devote my time to Wikipedia is because capitalist system provides me enough wealth to live travel and do what I like. The board members are not paid for their positions and there are a lot of activities where you could earn much more money faster and easier than writing an encyclopedia. So money can’t be the driver. I thing that small languages like ours don’t need none native speakers interested. I think that some times the problem is too many people trying to help us. Please let us help ourselves. We don’t need WMFR, WMIT and WMES helping Catalan. If they want to help they are welcome but what we need is freedom. We don’t want help. What we want is equal treatment than others. We don’t need and we don’t want to cut links with the other wikipedias. Wikimedia Foundation is there to support and help the projects and they must hear the voice of the community. Direct and indirect Catalan related contributions are less thsn 0.5% of the money raised (according to the poet we are poor sad dirty and unlucky). So our economic contribution is important but not vital. Our big contribution more than economic can be in providing tips, clues, examples, strategies, and hope to other small languages to grow their projects and this way contribute to the goal of making all the knowledge really accessible to everybody.--Gomà 02:52, 9 January 2011 (UTC)[]
Freedom kan only be gained thru Revolution, money's one thing, power's another (and they get along mighty well...) but I see you ain't willing to walk the path of the bravez even though Fundraising is your only way! Anyway, it'z your choice my friend! Good luck! However don't let the Boardbugz bite you! KRN 22:35, 9 January 2011 (UTC)[]

Clarifying the distinction with Amical[edit]

Hello, I am having a hard time making sense of the various documents here related to WM CAT, and am surprised to see no record of Amical -- despite the fine summary of project work to date that was published around the new year. I tried to resection this page and created Associació Amical Viquipèdia -- I would appreciate help improving the structure of these pages. SJ · talk | translate 06:09, 22 February 2011 (UTC)[]

I'm pretty sure that the Associació Amical Viquipèdia is what the Catalans want to be recognized as "Wikimedia Catalan". Similar to some other chapters, they already registered under this name and want to "do business as" Wikimedia Catalan. Cbrown1023 talk 21:52, 22 February 2011 (UTC)[]

Defining Wikimedia CAT[edit]

I find it difficult to understand from this page how Wikimedia CAT is defined. Are the bylaws the only document defining what that organization would be and do? Are there related mission or vision documents, a statement of principles? Would these be identical to those used by Amical?

I ask in part because Amical is defined as a cultural organization -- something I am working to recognize and define more clearly as a key part of the Wikimedia movement.

It seems natural to me for Amical itself to become recognized as a global Wikimedia Partner organization, similar to a chapter (but not geographically scoped).
On the other hand, if you want to request chapter status for "Wikimedia CAT", as an entity which is not defined as a cultural organization, that would involve different definitions and a different focus -- it is not simply a matter of changing a few clauses and phrases in the Bylaws.

I would advise going with your instinct, regarding which of these makes better sense. You have suggested elsewhere that while people were willing to redraft the chapter proposal to fit the current restrictions on Chapter definition, everyone preferred the original idea of a Catalan-focused organization. I fully support that idea, and hope that if you still feel this way you will work with me and others to get this recognized as the first culturally-focused Wikimedia partner group.

Regards, SJ · talk | translate 06:17, 22 February 2011 (UTC)[]