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Best wishes to you as you start looking for a new job! We'll miss seeing you around as much, and thanks so much for all the help you've given to a project. I'm sure it wouldn't be to where it is today without you. Thanks, Chuck Smith

Larry, you must be both a bit sad and proud about leaving Bomis at this point. Sad, because you are no longer paid to do what you obviously love to do so much. And proud that your efforts over the past year have given wikipedia great success -- so much so that a full time paid employee is no longer needed to manage the project. It reminds me of an experience I had nursing a sick rock-dove back to health a year ago. I named him Rocky, and after a few weeks he regained his strength and tenacity. Alas, it was time to set him free. When I did so I felt sorrow over the loss of my feathered friend, but I also felt pride and happiness that due to my efforts, a lovely bird was able to fly away. You have given wikipedia wings Larry. And for that I am most grateful.

Best regards to you and your family. –w:wikipedia

Frankly, a full-time paid employee is needed to manage the project. In fact, my opinion is that ten of them wouldn't be enough. :-) And I will still be around, to be sure! --Larry_Sanger