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About the French translation[edit]

Translation into French is so poor it is frequently not understandable. The translator's native language is visibly not French. Ddalbiez 17:04, 5 May 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

About the mailing[edit]

I don’t understand why I got an e-mail just two day ago, which means ten days after the beginning of the voting session and only two days before its ending. Shouldn’t eligible voters be warned before the beginning of the voting session? Furthermore, the e-mail was titled "Wikimedia Foundation Elections 2009" (instead of 2011), and the message had several bits of wiki / html code:

{{GENDER:MetalGearLiquid|Cher|Chère|Cher/Chère}} MetalGearLiquid, Vous faites partie du corps électoral appelé à voter lors de l’élection 2011 du Comité directeur de la ''Wikimedia Foundation'' (WMF), qui gouverne les projets tels que Wikipedia. Le Comité directeur est l’organe de décision qui est <i>in fine</i> responsable de la viabilité à long terme de la WMF, c’est pourquoi nous considérons qu’il est très important qu’il soit sélectionné à partir d’une participation la plus large possible.

I hope this will be fixed for next elections (both the errors in the e-mail, and the respect of delay, in order to let voters read all the candidates’ pages).

MetalGearLiquid 08:56, 12 June 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]