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Commnunciation strategy[edit]

Per my email yesterday about the different lessons learned from the India pilot, I wanted to see if you could take care of point #1 tomorrow: communication. I think we need to involve the Portuguese editing community more deeply in the planning of the project, since they will largely be the ones implementing the program, and I am worried that the lack of participation will really hurt the program later (it did for English).

What do you think about ways we can work around this? I am thinking we should post on the village pump with links to Meta. Additionally, we should really consider building onto the course pages which are on pt.wikipedia[1] so that the Wikipedians can operate within their own "domain" :)

What about notice boards?

Ok let me know what you think - this should be prioritized, I think, over the ambassador recruitment for tomorrow. This way, when we *do* advertise for the Campus Ambassador applicants, the community will already be more likely to know what is going on! -- Jessie

See also Plune Pilot. --Tom

Guia de Tecnologias Educacionais do MEC[edit]

O Guia de Tecnologias Educacionais 2011 é a terceira edição dessa publicação realizada pelo Ministério da Educação, compilando metodologias educacionais de qualidade em vigor no país desenvolvidas por organizações da sociedade civil. Selecionadas a partir de um comitê de avaliação, as iniciativas estão organizadas em 7 eixos temáticos: 1. Gestão da Educação; 2. Ensino Aprendizagem; 3. Formação dos Profissionais da Educação; 4. Educação Inclusiva; ***5. Portais Educacionais***; 6. Educação para a Diversidade: Campo, Indígena, Jovens e Adultos; e 7. Educação Infantil. Vide:

O recebimento de propostas para a edição de 2012 está aberto até 24 de fevereiro, pelo site:

Abraços, Pietro Roveri 16:46, 27 January 2012 (UTC)[]

Suggestion made in wikipedia village pump[edit]

An excellent suggestion made by Chico in wikipedia was that students could change their signature to be more clear that they are from the program. It will very helpful to identify then at "Café dos novatos". He suggest also put something in student's login (which is also helpful to whom watch recent changes) so it's on the table to discuss too. I personaly don't agree to force student's to put a small abreviation in their login's. We should let them free about that, but is just my opinion without any strong arguments. Signature it's different because they can easily change after. My suggestion it's put something like "OTAVIO1981 (WEP)" as signature.OTAVIO1981 13:01, 15 February 2012 (UTC)[]