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Thematic slides[edit]

Someone was concerned about the following sentence: "Each slide will be presented by the expert during the relevant session." They expressed concerns about the fact that someone who didn't make the slide can't present it unless they read it out, which is obviously not a good way to hold a meeting.

The goal is to allow the speaker and the audience to have a global overview of what chapters do, what issues they encountered, etc. on specific topics. The slides may even not be presented directly. They will most probably serve as raw material to build the speaker's presentation; they will probably also be used as a source of topics for the discussions and the workshops.

I know this may sounds vague, but I'm still talking with the speakers (namely, Catrin, Frank & Rand) about it. Please focus on the chapters' general presentation for now, it is much more important. guillom 15:57, 9 March 2009 (UTC)[reply]