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Where are case counts being updated in tables + visuals?[edit]

If I find a table cell that needs updating, is that edited on Wikipedia or on Wikidata?

In general it is updated on that page, in Wikipedia. Ask on the talk page of the relevant article if editing is unclear.

If I find a visualization that needs an update, how can I do that or request it?

  • To request an update to the viz, leave a comment on the article's talk page (or on the WikiProject discussion)
  • To update it directly, clicking on the visualization will take you to its description page. You can upload a new version directly on that page. For some visualizations (e.g., where the viz in question comes from Our World in Data) you can easily render a new version from the source, then you'll need to save it and upload it to the wiki to update the pages that use it.
  • Note that some visuals are intended to be the latest data as of viewing time (e.g. on the oerview article about the state of COVID in a given region). Others are intended to be as of a historical date, and should only be updated if there are corrections to the historical data.

How do I join the workshop Friday?[edit]

Is there a signup?

No signup is needed.
They are all available via video; you can ask questions directly to Netha or Daniel in advance or afterwards. –SJ talk  20:49, 23 February 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]