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French Wiktionary[edit]

I have now made a request for the number of interface administrators in all projects, and found out that in the French Wiktionary 27 users have this group, and a third of them do not even have 50 edits in last six months. All administrators were included in this group, except those who explicitly refused it (wikt:fr:Wiktionnaire:Wikidémie/juillet_2018#New_user_group_for_editing_sitewide_CSS/JS). I believe that such an approach is a disregard for security and makes the creation of this group meaningless. In this case, it is necessary either to oblige local bureaucrats not to include everyone in this group, or revoke this right from local bureaucrats.

List of projects with more than 10 interface admins
frwiktionary_p    27
ruwiki_p    17
hewiki_p    16
commonswiki_p    15
dewiki_p    15
srwiki_p    15
thwiki_p    15
frwiki_p    14
fiwiki_p    13
zhwiki_p    13
enwiki_p    12
wikidatawiki_p    12
metawiki_p    10

Also I would like to hear the opinion of JackPotte, who included all administrators into this group. — putnik 23:13, 20 October 2018 (UTC)

Hello, my point of view is that the administrators destitution of these rights in August, for which the community had already voted for since 2004, occurred at a rare time where some recent edits were not patrolled after one month, which is the limit before their autopatrolling (so we could have included unseen vandalisms). So I had wisely judged that it wasn't the time to open more than 27 votes, which would have "wasted" the few community free time, by making them revote for the elected ones. The new group is not meaningless because we had planned to separate the elections for it in the future, starting from August.
Moreover, I have never seen any security breach on any French Wiktionary account, so I consider this risk a lower priority than the distributed bot attack (with dozens of IPs in various ranges), against which we have already struggled on the site (and which is visible by patrolling).
Concerning the JavaScript maintenance, it's notorious that the gadgets are broken every year by the different MediaWiki migrations and that we are not enough skilled interface admins to manage these reparations on the French Wiktionary (I could find you the callings for reinforcement on the French Wikipedia, here on Meta, and the list of the broken scripts with the incidents durations which are huge). In addition, the number 27 doesn't seem to me to high in absolute, because if each of us spends one hour per day on the site, it would barely cover the 24 hours of a day to be reactive.
Finally I would like to expose the fact that destituting the local volunteer bureaucrats without their community consultation, for such a small matter, is not even an option I would have brought because it would be indubitably noxious to the site. Especially considering that I'm the only one to blame for these 27 ticked checkboxes after one week of concertation, and that I have never signed any subordination contract which would authorize this destitution if I wouldn't give spontaneously my free time to obey to someone about that (or in this case, guess an order implied by an informative message). No more than I didn't sign to a daily vandalism cleaning of my works, but it's admitted because their authors are irresponsible, and we don't sue them for now. What kind of organization would make pay the well-willing builders because it couldn't stop an hypothetical piracy of their accounts?
In conclusion, I'm asking for solutions from Meta, instead of repressions against the people who are miraculously running the greatest French dictionary of the world, with a professional quality for free. JackPotte (talk) 09:13, 21 October 2018 (UTC)