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Better name for faith vs. science with regard to the Wikipedia?

If you agree, move it all here.

Umm.. let me just point out that this is not a bipolar issue. Science is far more complex than religion, objectively because involves far more information, covers far more topics, has far more concepts, and is used in practice in innumerable applications in the modern world. Religion has no material relevance. Here's the proof: Noone can perform even the simplist physical tasks through praying, such as lifting a pencil. Religion is wholly theological and sociological. Faith vs. Science is like apples vs. oranges. Besides, the two were split irrevocable hundreds of years ago, and have grown independantly ever since.

Christianity and Science[edit]

You all _really_ need to do a little studying on the history of the scientific method. Read the Oxford History of Christianity to see how the early Christians actively embraced the scientific method of using empirical evidence to devise and influence an understanding of natural systems, as opposed to the prevailing Greek methods, which relied on the use of logic and reason without querying the natural world.

  • Then* come back and make the garbage statements you do about "fundamentalist Christians rejecting all methods of gathering scientific evidence." Seriously, just because some of us reach different conclusions than you do using the same evidence doesn't mean we reject that evidence or have to claim it was all put there by God to confuse us.