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Travel Expenses


I don't want to sound critical but I looked at the latest accounts and $75,000 seems a fair amount of money to spend in one year on travel expenses. I was wondering if this could be clarified a little. It might be that I am just not aware of what 'Projects' do with regard to global travel or am out of touch with the price of airline tickets...


I'd like more information as well. How was the $107,122 on salary, $114,589 on "in-kind expenses, $47,777 on "operating", and $76,545 on travel spent? These add up to $346,033- a $260,745 increase over the $85,288 from last year. What new projects can this extra $260k be attributed to? Johnpseudo 18:39, 19 January 2007 (UTC)

I've noticed that this is one thread there have been no answers to... how can you expect us to support this without answering to your donors on how the funds are spent? In 06/07, your travel expenses where a little over half of your annual salary. This is extremely high, and we would like clarification on how this was necessary. (calgarydatagirl 11:59, 2 Jan 2010)