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I started this page because I was not sure where to comment on this or question how this was planned on being implemented. I have come to worry about this issue because of the commons. Here is just one idea that I figure I might as well talk about, whether it is useful or not on the subject. Note that this is all based on my thoughts of commons.

Seamless categories through aliasing. Categories are defined based on your language settings(but otherwsie default to English?). Therefore there is a Category aliasing namespace where you can define that Category:Painters = Categorie:Peintures this way each user will see and edit in their own language, however it will allow for multilingual use. I am sure there are far too many intricacies that I am missing but I figured I would mention the idea. Like how would creating of a new category work in a system like this? I hope this isn't blithering. gren 09:20, 19 May 2005 (UTC)[]