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We are asking for community opinion on these five movement-wide guidelines that would help identify potential conflicts of interest when asking for resources belonging to the Wikimedia movement. The proposed draft of these guidelines is set out below for community review. We welcome your comments at the meta discussion page. After community consultation, we expect to finalize the guidelines and propose them to the WMF Board of Trustees for adoption by resolution.

Generally, mismanaged personal interests resulting in potential conflicts of interest can hurt our movement, both in reputation and financially. The proposed guidelines seek to encourage full disclosure of personal and financial interests with respect to people’s requests for movement resources. The guidelines help ensure that those movement resources -- like grants, staff time, scholarships, trademark licenses, travel reimbursements, fellowships, employment, and conference resources -- are used in pursuit of our mission. The guidelines apply to requests for resources from any movement entities, groups, associations, or persons, such as the Wikimedia Foundation, chapters, thematic organizations, movement partners, user groups, Wiki Loves Monuments, GLAM organizations, and Wikipedians in Residence. The guidelines are not comprehensive or exhaustive. They are intended to support existing movement values and conflict of interest policies, which may require recusal or other ways of managing the conflict.


Importantly, the guidelines are not intended to address directly more specific controversial topics, like paid editing. We understand that the community is engaged in that discussion in other venues. That said, these guidelines may serve as a foundation upon which to build more specific policies in the future. For now, however, we simply want to suggest some simple, hopefully uncontroversial guidelines to help people know when they should be disclosing their personal or financial interests in their requests for and use of movement resources.

We would like to hear what you think. Feel free to leave your comments or propose edits on the meta discussion page. We are not seeking consensus or an RfC. This is to help us hear where we need to improve the document. To help ensure global understanding and easier translations, we are proposing that the guidelines be short and confined to one page. The WMF legal department greatly appreciates the opportunity to hear your thoughts and benefit from your wisdom there. We of course will read and respond to your comments and take them into consideration in drafting a final version for proposal to the Board.

We anticipate closing the comment period on January 15, 2013. This may allow for a proposal to the Board during its February 1-2, 2013, meeting. Otherwise, we may extend the comment period and ask the Board to approve the guidelines at another time. We encourage international participation, and, if more time is needed to allow for translations or comments, we want to take that into consideration.

Many thanks, as always, for your comments and active participation.

Geoff Brigham
General Counsel
Wikimedia Foundation

  1. In the WMF Board’s resolution regarding organizational best practices, for example, “more developed organizations” are encouraged to “adopt core governance policies including a code of conduct for Board and staff that requires at least disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.” Movement organizations, of course, are free to adopt more strict and tailored conflict of interest rules that go beyond the minimum standards of these proposed guidelines.

我們已翻譯新利益衝突指引的擬稿,其將對申請維基媒體資源的人士設立需予遵守的最低標準。 鼓勵社群成員發表評論及提供反饋。 此外,為促進國際範圍內的廣泛參與,我們將尋求幫助將任何新評論翻譯為英文,再轉發到英文的後設討論頁面中。

Supplementary translation[edit]

Professional translation in pdf

The volunteer translation here has been supplemented by a professional translation prepared by TransPerfect on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation. This professional translation (see original at File:Conflict of Interest ZH.pdf) is not necessarily preferred. Translations by volunteers who understand the work that we do on the projects may often be more accurate for our purposes than those prepared by professionals. It has simply been used where the original translation by volunteers has been outdated by subsequent updates to the original or when volunteers had not yet had the opportunity to translate the material. Please feel free to edit and improve this content! Thank you. --Maggie Dennis (WMF) (talk) 17:36, 15 January 2013 (UTC)Reply