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The posted log of this office hours talk is not complete. The following was expunged from the beginning of the discussion:

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<Thekohser> QUESTION: The recently completed 2010 Donor Survey, by Q2 Consulting... was a competitive bid put out for that work, and if not, why not? If so, by what criteria were Q2 Consulting selected? How much did the project cost the Foundation?
<Nihiltres> thekohser: I'm guessing on that last one that if no, it's because fair competitive bids are themselves a good deal of work
<sgardner> Okay! Good morning, folks. (Or at least, it is morning for me.)
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Could someone explain why the initial portion of the discussion was censored out of the final record? - 2001:558:1400:10:B5EB:9417:83C0:16AC 19:26, 10 April 2013 (UTC)[reply]