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The problem, as I see it, isn't that open source just can't do GUIs, but that a GUI developed without a clear focus on the needs of the end user is never going to come together the way it should. [1]

I am mystified as to why it is impossible to find clear direction on editing the content of the navigation or toolbox left menu's in monobook. I've seen it done so I know it's possible but I've yet to get a handle on it.

If I just attempt to enter html code I get a pear error. I've tried to duplicate the code in the template but it simply does not appear? So how to I get PHPTAL to parse the menu items I want. I mean specifically in the


section of the code. I see there are a few items already there that don't appear.

What I'd like to see is a clear and concise definition of what elements the css should reference. I can of course look through the Monobook definition and try to suss it out. But better would be to have an authoritative global dictionary defining the classes or controls the wiki has or is likely to display and what they (should) do. From then it is just a matter of designing a UI that I like for my application. I choose a (large) subset from the global that fits my app. - bill t