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Wikipedia in Klingon language

Please, someone could add the wikipedia in Klingon language on the list (such as "constructed language")? Thanx. -

Family, macrofamily, group, constructed languages, and linguistics

A misunderstanding seems to prevail on this page ("List of Wikipedias by language family") and on "List of Wikipedias by language macrofamily". Germanic, for example, is a group, not a family. Indo-European, for example, is a family, not a macrofamily. Nostratic is a hypothesized macrofamily; as of a decade-plus ago, no macrofamilies had been proven among linguists.

Two pages need renaming and then a third should be added and some content moved. I apparently can't or shouldn't rename; could an administrator, please?

I propose this sequence of steps:

1. Rename "List of Wikipedias by language family" to "List of Wikipedias by language group".

2. Rename "List of Wikipedias by language macrofamily" to "List of Wikipedias by language family"; except that if overlapping redirection will get problematic then rename it to "List of Wikipedias by language family (linguistic)".

3. Copyedit for consistency with linguistic standards. For example, groups should not be on the families page that's now the macrofamilies page.

4. Add as a new article "List of Wikipedias by other language" and move suitable content from the other 2 pages. That would include constructed languages (such as Esperanto), language isolates (likely Finnish, Basque, and Hungarian), and so on. (Proto-World was the first language spoken but no contents are known.)

5. Either add a new article "List of Wikipedias by language macrofamily (linguistic)" and present the rubric Nostratic to cover language isolates it explains, such as, I think, Basque, Finnish, and Hungarian or add a new article "List of Wikipedias by other language" and list languages not assigned by consensus among linguists to a group, family, etc.

Nick Levinson 06:59, 13 August 2008 (UTC)